Quick Easter Basket Ideas for Your Dog

Tomorrow is Easter! Are you ready? Are you still preparing Easter baskets? Did you remember your four-legged companion? Dogs are a valuable part of your family. Spoiling them with an Easter basket adds to the excitement of the day. If you are searching for quick Easter basket ideas for your dog, check out the following list.

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Easter Basket Ideas for Your Dog

  1. New Collar: After the long winter, is your dog’s collar looking a little worn? Consider a brightly colored collar to go with the warm months ahead.
  2. Bandana: A new, holiday-themed bandana to wear around on Easter Sunday is the perfect addition to your dog’s basket. Bandanas are an inexpensive Easter Basket filler. You may want to grab a couple extra for the upcoming summer months.
  3. Squeaky Toys or Ball: Does your dog like squeaky toys? Or is playing catch a favorite for your four-legged fur baby? Almost every department store carries a large selection of squeaky toys and balls. Grab two or three for your dog’s basket.
  4. Dog Biscuits, Treats, or Bones: What’s your dog’s favorite snack? When you are out picking up last-minute items for Easter, grab a bag of your dog’s preferred treat. If you want to go the extra step, you can always make homemade dog biscuits to place in the basket.
  5. Doggie Fashion Wear: Shirts, coats, hats, and even pajamas are all available for your dog to enjoy.
  6. New Stuffed Toy (Dog Approved): A stuffed bunny or other dog toys are a perfect addition to the Easter Basket.
  7. Photo with the Easter Bunny: Many organizations host Easter Bunny photos for pets to raise funds. Generally, the cost is low or by donation. As a pet owner, you will get a memorable photo of your dog or the two of you together with the Easter Bunny. The best part, the funds raised go to a good cause.

Whatever you decide to do for Easter, take time to cuddle and love your faithful companion. Happy Easter!

Easter 2022: The Extra Easter Basket

The last couple of years has been tough for many individuals. Easter time is a great way to spread love and joy with friends, family members, or others in your life. As you attend church services, participate in Easter egg hunts with your family, and other community events, think about all the people around you.  Do they need extra kindness this Easter?

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

For many, creating Easter baskets is a major part of the holiday celebrations. As you begin to play the honorary role of the Easter bunny, consider making an extra Easter basket to share with others. One simple act of kindness may have a positive impact on someone’s whole day or even week.

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

Are you wondering who may need an Easter basket? Consider all the people; you encounter daily. If you still need inspiration for an extra Easter basket, consider the following.

  • Friends: Yes, you can make adult-themed Easter baskets with wine or lots of chocolate.
  • Extended Family Members: Do you know an older relative who is living alone? Or perhaps, do you have elderly neighbors who always greet you with a smile? Surprise them with an Easter basket.
  • Children: Do you know a family who is struggling? Are they able to give out Easter baskets? Giving a child an Easter basket creates a lasting memory.  (Remember you may need to ask permission to give a child an Easter basket. Some foods and toys may not be allowed.)
  • Teacher: The pandemic, health guidelines, switching between online and in-person learning, teachers are remarkable and deserving of an extra Easter basket.
  • Bus Driver: Every day, you trust the bus driver to get your child safely to school. The person deserves an Easter treat.
  • Childcare Provider: High-quality childcare providers are in demand. If you are lucky enough to find a great person to care for your child, brighten the provider’s day with an extra Easter basket.
  • Dog Walker: Rain or shine your dog walker is always on time to take your precious four-legged friend for a walk. For added fun, make the extra Easter basket from your dog.
  • Your Dog’s Pal: When you go to the dog park, does your dog pal around with another dog? Give your dog’s pal an extra Easter basket filled with doggie treats (and you can give one to the owner).
  • Customer Service Representative: An extra Easter basket for the barista who always gets your morning order correct. Or the cashier who always seems to be happy.

When passing out extra Easter baskets, the list of potential receivers is endless. Surprising someone at Easter is a wonderful way to celebrate.

75 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Are you making Easter baskets for your loved ones this holiday? Creating baskets to give on Easter morning is a fun tradition. If you are searching for non-candy Easter basket ideas, check out the following list for inspiration.

Photo by Eren Li on Pexels.com

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  1. Gift cards (great for teens)
  2. Money hidden inside Easter Eggs
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Hat
  5. Bandana
  6. Flip Flops
  7. Socks (Themed ones are always fun)
  8. Baseball and Glove
  9. Baseball cards or non-sports trading cards
  10. Kazoo
  11. Watch
  12. Toy Binoculars
  13. Butterfly Net
  14. Bug Catchers
  15. Art or Sketching Paper
  16. Colored Pencils
  17. Markers
  18. Water Paints
  19. Acrylic Paints
  20. Paint Brushes
  21. Glitter and Glue
  22. Construction Paper
  23. Scissors
  24. Model Clay
  25. Rubber Stamps and Ink Pad
  26. Bubbles
  27. Umbrella
  28. Bouncy Balls
  29. Sand Toys
  30. Water Toys
  31. Sidewalk Chalk
  32. Balloons
  33. Playdough
  34. Slime or Silly Putty
  35. Slinky
  36. Comic Books
  37. Drawing Books
  38. Coloring Books
  39. Books or Magazines
  40. Magnifying Glass
  41. Lego
  42. Hot Wheel or Matchbox Cars
  43. Stuffed Animal
  44. Travel Games
  45. Puzzles
  46. Posters
  47. Movie Tickets
  48. Doll or Barbies
  49. Animal Figures
  50. Toy Dinosaurs
  51. Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings
  52. Hair Ties and Accessories
  53. Travel Cup
  54. DVDs
  55. Frisbee
  56. Journal
  57. Writing Pens
  58. Washi Tape
  59. Stickers
  60. Bubble Bath
  61. Wind Up Toys
  62. Jump Rope
  63. Kite
  64. Temporary Tattoos
  65. Punch Balls
  66. Yo-yos
  67. Ear Buds
  68. Wallet
  69. Coin Purse
  70. Flashlight
  71. Perfume/Cologne
  72. Make-up
  73. USB or SD cards
  74. Expandable Washcloths
  75. Coupons for fun adventures.

Happy Easter!

The Extra Easter Basket

Easter is a great way to spread joy with friends, family members or casual acquaintances. Attending church services, Easter egg hunts, and other community events are generally a normal part of the holiday weekend. Due to the pandemic many annual events may not be held.   

For many, creating Easter baskets is a major part of the celebrations. As you begin to play the honorary role of the Easter bunny, consider making an extra Easter basket to share. The simple kind gesture may have a positive impact on someone’s whole day or even week. One spark of kindness may set a chain reaction without end.

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay 

Sharing the Extra Easter Basket

Are you wondering who may need an Easter basket? Consider all the people; you come in contact with on a daily basis. Still, need ideas? Check out the list below.

  • Friends
  • Extended family members
  • A child who you know is not getting an Easter basket due to financial restraints. (Remember you may need to ask permission to give a child an Easter basket. Some foods and toys may not be allowed.)
  • Teacher
  • Bus Driver
  • Child Care Provider
  • Dog Walker
  • Coach
  • Classmate
  • The barista who always gets your morning order correct.
  • Your dog’s pal at the park.

The list is endless. Just think of someone who may need an extra smile this time of year.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers

Easter is just around the corner. Are you starting to buy Easter basket fillers? Do you want something different than candy? Check out the following list for inspiration.

  1. Bubbles
  2. Books
  4. DVDs
  5. Color Books
  6. Crayons
  7. Markers
  8. Drawing Paper
  9. Construction Paper
  10. Hard Cover Sketch Book
  11. Drawing Pencils
  12. Colored Pencils
  13. Watercolor Paint Set
  14. Craft Kit or Supplies (Feathers, googly eyes, beads, string, glitter, wooden plaques, etc.)
  15. Air Dry Model Clay
  16. Lip Balm
  17. Jewelry (A cross necklace is always a good idea for this holiday)
  18. Sidewalk Chalk
  19. Stickers
  20. T-Shirt (Roll the shirt up to place down into the basket)
  21. Socks
  22. Playdough
  23. Toy Figures (Farm animals, dinosaurs, etc.)
  24. Sunglasses
  25. Beach Towel
  26. Flip Flops
  27. Beach Bucket and Shovel
  28. Hat
  29. Swimming Pool Toys
  30. Keychain
  31. Bath Toys
  32. Bath Bombs
  33. Magazines
  34. Comic Books
  35. Hair Ties
  36. Head Bands
  37. Nail Polish
  38. Nail Embellishments
  39. Shoelaces
  40. Expandable Washcloths
  41. Stickers
  42. Temporary Tattoos
  43. Golf Balls
  44. Tees
  45. Baseball
  46. Baseball Glove
  47. Softball
  48. Yo-Yo
  49. Travel Games
  50. Toy Cars
  51. Gift Card
  52. Money (Roll up dollar bills inside plastic eggs)
  53. Jump Rope
  54. Umbrella
  55. Glow Sticks
  56. Writing Journal
  57. Pens
  58. Calligraphy Pens
  59. Trading Cards
  60. Ear Buds

12 Easter Basket Ideas for Your Dog

Let’s face it; your dog is a valuable member of your family. For many, a dog or two is your constant companion. Creating an Easter Basket for your four-legged friend is a perfect way to celebrate the holiday.


Easter Basket Ideas for Your Dog

  1. New Collar: After the long winter, your dog’s collar may need replacing. Consider a brightly colored one for the warmer months ahead.
  2. Bandana: A new, holiday-themed bandana to wear around on Easter Sunday is the perfect addition to your dog’s basket. When you’re picking out one, grab a couple extra for summer. Bright colors are always fun for the upcoming warmer weather.
  3. Squeaky Toys: A new squeaky toy may annoy you but your dog will love it.
  4. Dog Biscuits: Nutritional value dog biscuits are an ideal snack for your favorite dog to enjoy.
  5. Dog Bones: Dogs love bones. If you are uncertain on the type to buy your favorite four-legged friend, consult your veterinarian.
  6. Dog Treats: A bag of your pup’s favorite dog treats are perfect for the Easter basket. Or feel free to make your own.
  7. Doggie Fashion Wear: Shirts, coats, hats, and even pajamas are all available for your dog to enjoy.
  8. New Ball: A ball or a Frisbee is perfect for playing catch with your pooch. The extra exercise is good for your dog and you.
  9. New Stuffed Toy (Dog Approved): A stuffed bunny or other dog toy is fun for your dog. In many cases, the dog is not really stuffed. But you get the idea.

Okay, these do not technically fit into your dog’s Easter basket but you get the idea.

  1. Visit the Doggie Park: A trip to the doggie park, a hike or a walk is a great way to release energy. The extra exercise will tire your dog (and you) out for a good night sleep.
  2. Attend a Pet-Related Easter Event: Many pet food suppliers or other pet-friendly establishments host Easter community events for dogs. Try something new. Due to COVID restrictions, remember to call ahead to get details of the event and social distancing guidelines.
  3. Photo with the Easter Bunny: Many organizations host Easter Bunny photos for pets as a way to raise funds. As a pet owner, you will get a memorable photo of you and your dog. At the same time, the price of the photo goes to a good cause.

Whatever you do for Easter, take time to cuddle and love your faithful companion.

Easter Week Bucket List

The week of Easter is generally busy with preparations for dinner and other events. Creating an Easter week bucket list helps you to enjoy the holiday week.  Gather your family or friends to find the perfect Easter activities to celebrate this time of year.

Easter Week Bucket List Ideas

Do you need help coming up with Easter bucket list activities? Consider the following ideas:

  1. Make Homemade Easter Decorations: Spend time creating your own Easter decorations. Use construction paper to make Easter eggs and other related decorations. The process is a fun family activity for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Make and Deliver Homemade Easter Cards: Homemade Easter cards adds a special touch to the greetings. The activity is an ideal family time activity.
  3. Go to a Local Easter Egg Hunt: Many community organizations hold Easter egg hunts. Or you can host your own Easter egg hunt in your backyard.
  4. Go to the Library or your Local Book Store: Checking out or purchasing Easter books helps set the mood for the holiday week.
  5. Decorate, Fill and Deliver an Extra Easter Basket: Do you know someone who could use some Easter cheer. Make an extra basket for a family member or friend.
  6. Watch Easter Themed Movies: Check out Netflix or purchase a new Easter DVD. Make popcorn and host a family night.
  7. Buy Easter Peeps: Peeps are an Easter tradition. For extra fun, try placing the Peeps in the microwave.
  8. Make an Easter Diorama: If you do not eat the Peeps, you can always add them to an Easter themed diorama. Creating an Easter diorama is a perfect decoration piece for your holiday weekend.
  9. Attend a Good Friday or Easter Service:  Many churches host special Good Friday and Easter services. Even if you do not regularly attend, the service may be an uplifting experience.
  10. Host an Easter Dinner or BBQ: Plan a dinner or cookout for your family and friends. Gathering people together for Easter makes the holiday more memorable.
  11. Buy Easter Candy: Everyone loves holiday candy. The wide selection allows you to find the perfect treat for your family to enjoy.
  12. Dye Easter Eggs: Gather your family or friends together to dye Easter eggs. Dying eggs is a long standing Easter tradition.
  13. Photo with the Easter Bunny: Many community events host Easter bunny photo opportunities to help raise funds. The photo instantly becomes a memento. At the same time, you will be supporting a valued community organization.
  14. Professional Easter Portrait: Dressing up and getting a professional portrait is a perfect Easter activity.

Participating in different Easter activities is fun for the whole family. Cross one or all of the ideas off your bucket list.

75 Non-Candy Ideas for Easter Baskets

Are you getting ready to purchase Easter basket supplies? Keep in mind, Easter baskets do not necessarily need to be filled with lots of candy. Non-candy basket fillers provide fun alternatives to sweet treats.

75 Non-Candy Easter Fillers

  1. Bubbles/Accessories
  2. Umbrella
  3. Kite with String
  4. Rain Boots
  5. Stickers
  6. Markers
  7. Gel Pens
  8. Crayons
  9. Easter Coloring Books
  10. Art Paper
  11. Colored Pencils
  12. Water Color Paints
  13. Lip Balms/Lip Gloss
  14. Books
  15. Comic Books
  16. Journal/Diary
  17. Make-up
  18. Nail Polish
  19. Hair Accessories
  20. Play Dough
  21. Movie Tickets
  22. Puzzles
  23. Sidewalk Chalks
  24. SD Cards
  25. DVDs or Coupons for Digital Downloads
  26. Barbie Doll and Clothes
  27. Die Cast Cars
  28. Sunglasses
  29. Stuffed Bunnies and Animals
  30. Balls
  31. Lego Mini Packs
  32. Bubble Bath
  33. Action Figures
  34. Jewelry
  35. Ear Buds
  36. Marbles
  37. Flashlight
  38. Pool or Other Outdoor Toys
  39. Slippers
  40. Uno or Playing Cards
  41. Sports Trading Cards
  43. Small Bags of Chips or Crackers
  44. Granola Bars
  45. Gift Cards
  46. Video Games
  47. Plastic Farm Animals
  48. Magnifying Glasses
  49. Baseball Cap
  50. Ball and Glove
  51. Animal Crackers
  52. Reusable Travel Cups
  53. Pail and Shovel
  54. Jump Rope
  55. Socks
  56. Slinky
  57. Silly Putty
  58. Expandable Washcloths
  59. Key Chains
  60. Balloons
  61. Punch Balls
  62. Yo Yo
  63. T-Shirt
  64. Jerky
  65. Reusable Straws
  66. Glow Sticks
  67. Glow in the Dark Stars
  68. Temporary Tattoos
  69. Pokemon Cards
  70. Compass
  71. Craft Kits
  72. Posters
  73. Ink Pad and Rubber Stamps
  74. Kid Garden Tools
  75. Magazines

Mix and match different items to make the perfect Easter basket for your child.

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