75 Hashtags for Halloween

The spooky season is here! Who loves October and Halloween? The month brings costumes, scary movies, haunted houses, hayrides, parties, pumpkins, and candy. All are perfect opportunities for social media posts. Along with pictures, hashtags are a wonderful way to attract people to your posts. If you need inspiration, check out the following hashtags for Halloween.

Photo by u0410u043bu0435u043au0441u0430u043du0434u0430u0440 u0426u0432u0435u0442u0430u043du043eu0432u0438u045b on Pexels.com
  1. #Halloween
  2. #Halloween2022
  3. #HappyHalloween
  4. #Spooky
  5. #October
  6. #October2022
  7. #October31
  8. #31October2022
  9. #SpookySeason
  10. #HalloweenLover
  11. #HalloweenSeason
  12. #HalloweenLife
  13. #HalloweenMovies
  14. #Witch
  15. #WitchyVibes
  16. #HalloweenVibes
  17. #HalloweenDog
  18. #HalloweenBaby
  19. #OctoberBaby
  20. #HalloweenTime
  21. #HalloweenCandy
  22. #HalloweenFavorite
  23. #CandyCorn
  24. #HalloweenDecor
  25. #HalloweenStyle
  26. #HalloweenEveryDay
  27. #ILoveHalloween
  28. #HalloweenHouse
  29. #TrickOrTreat
  30. #SmellMyFeet
  31. #HalloweenGoals
  32. #HalloweenCouple
  33. #HalloweenCostumes
  34. #HalloweenTraditions
  35. #HalloweenPumpkin
  36. #Pumpkin
  37. #JackOLatern
  38. #PumpkinPatch
  39. #TheGreatPumpkin
  40. #PumpkinPicking
  41. #PumpkinSeason
  42. #PumpkinSpice
  43. #HalloweenFun
  44. #HalloweenMonth
  45. #HalloweenObssesion
  46. #HalloweenIsComing
  47. #HalloweenCountDown
  48. #HalloweenOutfit
  49. #HomemadeHalloween
  50. #HalloweenFashion
  51. #HalloweenParty
  52. #HalloweenCookies
  53. #HalloweenFood
  54. #HalloweenDrinks
  55. #HalloweenMask
  56. #HalloweenNails
  57. #SpoookyNails
  58. #HalloweenMakeUp
  59. #Frankenstein
  60. #Wolfman
  61. #Mummy
  62. #Dracula
  63. #ClassicHalloween
  64. #HalloweenArt
  65. #HalloweenNight
  66. #AllHallowsEve
  67. #HalloweenSpirit
  68. #NoTricksJustTreats
  69. #HalloweenFriends
  70. #HalloweenHike
  71. #HalloweenSquad
  72. #Spooktacular
  73. #HangingWithMyWitches
  74. #Scary
  75. #HalloweenWedding

Have a great but spooky Halloween!

Photo Prompts for October

October is here! Are you ready for a new month of photos? Grab your camera or phone and enjoy the month. If you are looking for inspiration, check out the following photo prompts for October.

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com
  1. Selfie
  2. From above
  3. Light
  4. Field
  5. Hometown
  6. Hidden
  7. Path
  8. Shadow
  9. Food
  10. Graffiti
  11. Nature
  12. Fence
  13. Sunset/Sunrise
  14. Hangs
  15. Happy Sweetest Day! (USA)
  16. An ordinary moment in your day.
  17. Orange, yellow, and red
  18. Happy place
  19. Friendship
  20. Water
  21. Rocks
  22. Cozy
  23. Motion
  24. Bridge
  25. Signs
  26. Something old
  27. Guilty pleasure
  28. Peeking
  29. Black & White
  30. Photographer’s choice
  31. Happy Halloween!

Have a great month! Remember, take lots of pictures!

Drawing Prompts for Halloween

The spooky season is here! Are you ready to get creative? Drawing is a wonderful creative outlet for the entire family to enjoy. If you need inspiration on what to create, check out the following drawing prompts for Halloween.

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com
  1. Self-Portrait in a Halloween Costume
  2. Witch
  3. Witch’s Hat
  4. Cauldron
  5. Ghost
  6. Pumpkin Patch
  7. Jack O’Lantern
  8. Monsters or Creatures
  9. Magic
  10. Skeleton
  11. Halloween Scene
  12. Trick-or-Treaters
  13. Monster Party
  14. Mask
  15. Harvest
  16. Spooky Woods
  17. Haunted House
  18. Leaves (Colorful Foliage)
  19. Acorn
  20. Design a Trick-or-Treat Bag
  21. Scarecrow
  22. Mummy
  23. Webs with Spider
  24. Bat/Cat/Raven
  25. Vampire
  26. Graveyard
  27. Full Moon
  28. Owl
  29. Halloween Candy
  30. Artist’s Choice
  31. Happy Halloween!

Happy Drawing! Have a great Halloween!

Photo Prompts for Halloween

Pumpkins, decorations, and costumes, Halloween is a great time to snap pictures. If you are looking for inspiration, check out the following ideas for Halloween photo prompts.

Photo by A Koolshooter on Pexels.com
  1. Selfie-Spooky Edition
  2. Orange and Black
  3. Pumpkin Patch
  4. Carved Pumpkins
  5. Shadows
  6. Spider Webs
  7. Harvest
  8. Colorful Foliage
  9. Black and White
  10. Spooky
  11. Abandoned
  12. Moon Light
  13. Halloween Décor
  14. Scarecrow
  15. Trees
  16. Reflection
  17. Candy
  18. Hot Beverage
  19. Hayride
  20. Halloween Food
  21. Scary Location
  22. Hometown Fun
  23. Halloween Scene
  24. Haunted Walk
  25. Celebrate
  26. Childhood Memories
  27. Favorite Costumes
  28. Mask
  29. Trick-or-Treaters
  30. Photographer’s Choice
  31. Happy Halloween!

21 Staycation Ideas for Your Labor Day Weekend

The 3-day holiday weekend is here. Millions of people travel during Labor Day weekend. Are you heading out or did you decide to stay home? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Many people decide to spend the long weekend at home. Even if you are staying close to home, there are still plenty of things. The best part, many of these staycation ideas are free or have minimal costs to enjoy.

Photo by Riccardo on Pexels.com

If you are looking for inspiration for staying home on Labor Day weekend, check out the following ideas.

  1. Explore Hiking Trails: Get outdoors and enjoy nature. Find a new trail to hike. Hiking is a great activity for the entire family. Grab your camera to take lots of pictures. Make a day of hiking, pack a lunch, and bring lots of water.
  2. Go to the Beach: Pack a picnic and spend an entire day at the beach.
  3. Go to a Local Winery: Many wineries allow free taste testing. Gather your friends, enjoy the sights, and sample different wines.
  4. Host a BBQ: Invite your friends, family, or neighbors over for a holiday BBQ.
  5. Classic Game Night: Dust off your favorite Monopoly or other board game for a fun night of friendly competition. Don’t forget the snacks.
  6. Picnic in the Park: Pack your favorite goodies and head to a local park for an afternoon.
  7. Host a Bonfire Night: Beautiful weather calls for a bonfire night. A chance to sit around a warm fire with family and friends is always a good idea. Don’t forget the S’mores.
  8. Go Stargazing: Pack a blanket, snacks, and your favorite beverage to spend an evening outdoors. Looking at the stars is a great way to spend an evening.
  9. Host a Themed Movie Night: Host a family night or invite friends over. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Marvel movies are just a few of the many superb movies to watch over the 3-day weekend. Add to the fun by ordering pizza, making popcorn, or ice cream sundaes.
  10. Do Crafts for the Holidays: It’s never too early to start holiday crafts. Many stores already have Autumn, Halloween, and Christmas crafting items out. Make a trip to your favorite spot to find everything you need for a crafting day.
  11. Spend Time Reading: How long has that book been setting on the shelf? Labor Day weekend is a great time to snuggle under a cozy blanket and read. If you do not have a new book, reread a favorite.
  12. Go to a Local Sporting Event: Many sporting events are starting over the holiday weekend. Go to a local college football game or watch the game on television with friends and family. Do not forget to tailgate. Delicious food is a major part of any sporting event.
  13. Attend Community Events: Parades, concerts, and other events are generally part of the Labor Day weekend. Many local events or festivals are free which is great for your bank account.
  14. Volunteer: MDA and other organizations use the 3-day to collect funds. Volunteer to help locally. Networking with new people has benefits beyond the weekend.
  15. Make a Homemade Meal: Try a new recipe. Make an entire meal from your recent purchases at your local farmer’s market. Bake a dessert. Make a meal as a family.
  16. Go on a Day Trip: Travel closer to home. Visit sites in the next town over from yours. Or go on a long car ride to see the scenery.
  17. Ride Bike: Get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Before cold weather sets in, go for a long bike ride.
  18. Go Somewhere New: Is there a new cafe, restaurant, or other local business in town? Go check out the establishment. Who knows you may find a new favorite spot. Remember to be patient during the holiday weekend. Many establishments are short staff.
  19. Be a Hometown Tourist: When is the last time you visited your hometown tourist sites? Go to your local park or historical site. Take pictures. Act like a tourist from another area. Have fun.
  20. Declutter and Organize: The holiday season is slowly approaching, spend time organizing your living space. Set up a homework area for your kids. Or reorganize your home office. You can always tackle a major task and clean out the garage.
  21. Feel Free to Do Nothing: There’s no harm in doing absolutely nothing over the Labor Day weekend. Stay in your pajamas for a day, get extra sleep, and just relax.

Have fun! Enjoy time with family and friends. Remember to be safe over the Labor Day weekend!

Journal Writing Prompts for September 2022

September is here! Who is ready for a 3-day weekend for Labor Day, the start of school, football, tailgating, and the first day of Autumn? The cooler days are a wonderful time to snuggle under a blanket, sip hot cocoa, and write in a journal.

Photo by Miriam Alonso on Pexels.com
  1. How did August go for you, your family, work, school, and your community? Go into detail about the highs and lows of the month.
  2. What do you hope to achieve or finish in September? Create a list of at least 5 goals for the month.
  3. What do you want to finish by the end of 2022? Have you been working on your year-end list? Why or why not?
  4. Describe 3-day holiday weekends from your childhood. Did you travel? Host a BBQ? Watch a telethon? Donate?
  5. Happy Labor Day! How did your day go? Did you work? Host a BBQ Write about your day.
  6. What is your favorite time of day? Why?
  7. Free write.
  8. Thinking back, what is the most romantic thing someone has done for you? Why does this memory stand out over the others? Is this person still in your life today?
  9. How would you describe yourself to others? List 10 positive attributes. Yes, there are at least 10.
  10. Make a list of your current hobbies. Is there something new you want to try? Or do you want to restart an old one? What is stopping you?
  11. If there is one job you could do for a day, what would you pick? Why?
  12. What did you do today that was just for yourself?
  13. Write a personal review of a book, movie, restaurant, or television show.
  14. What do you want to try? Do you have a bucket list for the autumn season? Make another dream bucket list.
  15. Write down 5 good thoughts about your day or week.
  16. Write about your siblings, cousins, or friends.
  17. What is your biggest fear or concern right now? What steps can you make to alleviate them?
  18. Did you like school as a child? Who was your favorite teacher? Subject? After-school activities?
  19. Write about your best friend from school. Are you still friends today?
  20. What were you doing today at 2 pm?
  21. What excites you most about the Autumn season?
  22. Happy First Day of Autumn! Did you get outdoors? Are the leaves beginning to change in your area? Describe the fall season in your area.
  23. What was your favorite fall activity as a child? Provide details.
  24. Write about a person who brings you the most inspiration.
  25. Write about your feelings about today.
  26. What one thing made you smile today?
  27. What is the most memorable activity you did over the summer?
  28. Are you a day or night person? Why?
  29. What are you looking forward to in October?
  30. Writer’s choice.

Have a great month!

Self-Care Ideas for September 2022

Welcome to September! The days are growing shorter. The nights are bringing cooler temperatures. The chill in the air ushers in the beautiful autumn season. The changes are a perfect time to make a commitment to yourself for better self-care. If you need inspiration, check out the following ideas for self-care in September.  

Photo by Maik Kleinert on Pexels.com
  1. Write daily affirmations in a journal.
  2. Make a cup of herbal tea, and sip slowly, while watching the sunset or sunrise.
  3. Try a new hiking trail. Or start hiking on a beginner’s trail. The fall season is a wonderful time to get outdoors.
  4. Read a book outside of your normal genre.
  5. Happy Labor Day! Enjoy your extra day off. If you’re working, come home and enjoy a long warm shower or bubble bath.
  6. Spend a day or afternoon doing nothing, just relax.
  7. Write out your goals for the day, week, month, and the rest of 2022.
  8. Binge-watch a new series.
  9. Go for a nature walk. Don’t forget your camera.
  10. Do crafts. (Autumn and Halloween items are already available.)
  11. Get extra sleep. Take a nap, go to bed early, or sleep in.
  12. Treat yourself to in-home spay day. Apply a face mask, paint your nails, soak your feet, etc.
  13. Go on a virtual tour.
  14. Spend time meditating or praying.
  15. Drink lots of water.
  16. Call an old friend to chat.
  17. Make your favorite recipe or try a new one. Your local farmer’s market is full of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  18. Splurge and order takeout from your favorite restaurant.
  19. Watch YouTube videos. Check out gender reveals, marriage proposals, surprise military homecoming, or pets.
  20. Eat breakfast every day.
  21. Turn up the music. Sing along to your favorite tunes or dance.
  22. The 1st Day of Fall! Enjoy the day!
  23. Declutter a room or closet. Or simply clean off the top of your desk.
  24. Find a new food to try, a different type of fruit or candy bar.
  25. Buy yourself flowers.
  26. Make yourself a warm beverage on a cool night.
  27. Unplug from your devices. Go on a social media detox for a day.
  28. Print out your summer photos and make a scrapbook.
  29. Volunteer. Helping others is great motivation.
  30. Practice yoga or other light stretching exercises. (YouTube has numerous beginner videos).

Have fun, relax, take care of yourself, and enjoy September!

Drawing Prompts for September 2022

September is finally here! The month ushers in cooler weather and rainy days. When you cannot get outdoors, embrace your creative side. Drawing is a great creative outlet. If you are looking for inspiration, check out the following drawing prompts for September.

Photo by khairul nizam on Pexels.com
  1. Self-Portrait
  2. Friday Vibes!
  3. Weekend fun!
  4. Celebrations!
  5. Happy Labor Day! Draw an American worker!
  6. Sunset at Beach
  7. Moon & Galaxy
  8. Spaceship, Rocket, or UFO
  9. Flowers
  10. Friends
  11. Family
  12. Favorite Destination
  13. School
  14. Peace
  15. Historical
  16. Buildings
  17. City
  18. Trails
  19. Your Name
  20. Smiles
  21. Food
  22. Happy 1st Day of Fall! Draw an Autumn scene.
  23. Trees & Leaves
  24. Acorns
  25. Scarecrow
  26. Pumpkin Patch
  27. Fall Harvest
  28. Colorful
  29. Fantasy Creature
  30. Artist’s Choice

25 Hashtags for Labor Day

Are you ready for the upcoming Labor Day weekend? Do you plan to make social media posts for all your activities? Hashtags are a great way to attract new followers to your posts. If you need inspiration, check out the following hashtags for Labor Day.

Photo by Kateryna Babaieva on Pexels.com
  1. #LaborDay (Simple but effective)
  2. #LaborDay2022
  3. #LaborDayWeekend
  4. #LaborDayWeekend2022
  5. #LastSummerHoliday
  6. #ThreeDayWeekend
  7. #ExtendedWeekend
  8. #3DaysOff
  9. #HolidayWeekend
  10. #LaborDayFun
  11. #LaborDayBBQ
  12. #LaborDayBonfire
  13. #USA
  14. #America
  15. #AmericanWorker
  16. #WorkersDay
  17. #LaborDayHike
  18. #September5
  19. #SeptemberVibes
  20. #LaborDayAdventure
  21. #LaborDayCamping
  22. #MeetYouOutside
  23. #LaborDayFood
  24. #LaborDayDrink
  25. #SummerIsEnding

Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

Ways to Celebrate National Sea Serpent Day

Did you know today, August 7th is National Sea Serpent Day? A sea serpent or sea dragon is a fascinating mythological creature. The mention of sea serpents brings up images of enormous legendary creatures of the deep seas. The myths and lore are fascinating.

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Ways to Celebrate Sea Serpent Day

Whether you believe sea serpents existed or not, celebrating the mythological creatures can be a fun activity for you and your entire family. If you need ideas for celebrating National Sea Serpent Day, check out the following.

Host a Family Movie Night

The sea holds marvelous mysteries and tales for every age. Movies use the unknown to entice the watcher.

Of course, there are numerous other movies focusing on creatures from the deep. But the horror-inspired sea serpent movies may not be for all family members.

Sea Inspired Snacks

Yes, you can create an entire dinner based on foods from the sea. Or you make simple snacks to go along with your movie night. For example, the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers are an ideal treat for sea-themed movie nights. Serving pretzels can easily represent driftwood and green licorice turns into seaweed bunches. Blue Hawaiian Punch (Polar Blast) is the perfect glass of seawater.

Read a Book

Go to your local library or bookstore to find books about sea serpents. The myths and legends are perfect reading material.

Go to the Beach

Even if you are nowhere near the open sea, going to the beach is a great way to celebrate National Sea Serpent Day. Search for shells, sea glass, and other goodies. Remember to follow all the rules of public places.

Host a Craft Day

Gather your craft supplies to host a craft day or afternoon. Use different materials to create sea serpents and their habitant. Check out your local dollar store if you do not have craft supplies. The inexpensive arts and crafts items are great for an impromptu day of creating.

  • Your Pet Sea Serpent: Create a sea serpent out of clay, dry, and paint. Don’t forget to name your new sea serpent.
  • Get Creative: Draw or paint a sea serpent. Use large-size white poster boards. The extra space is perfect for an entire scene centering on your sea serpent.
  • Quick Crafts: Use construction paper, googly eyes, and other materials to create a sea serpent

Sea serpent art is only limited by your imagination.

Write a Your Own Tale

Write your own story about a sea serpent. If you have younger children, ask them to tell a story to you. Write down their imaginary world with a sea serpent. The simple task creates a lasting treasure.

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