15 Children’s Books to Read on National Sea Serpent Day

Today, August 7, 2022, is National Sea Serpent Day. Are you searching for children’s books to celebrate the day? Check out the following list for inspiration on books to read for National Sea Serpent Day.

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  1. Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent by Bill Peet (1982)
  2. The Sea Serpent and Me by Dashka Slater (2008)
  3. Discovering Sharlie – Case of the Missing Sea Serpent by Craig Vroom (2015)
  4. Sepron the Sea Serpent (Beast Quest #2) by Adam Blade
  5. Sea Serpents Don’t Juggle Water Balloons (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, #46) by Debbie Dadey (2002)
  6. Sammy the Sea Serpent: Looking for Treasure by Elayne Shore
  7. Six Silly Sea-Serpents by Jackie Smith, Ph.D., (2022)
  8. Loch Ness Monster: Scotland’s Sea Serpent (Creatures of Legend) by Elizabeth Andrews (2022)
  9. Burkley and the Beasts: The Sea Serpent by Tiffany Smith
  10. The Great Sea Serpent (Hans Christian Andersen’s Stories) by H.C. Andersen
  11. The Singing Serpent by Catherine Jones Payne (2022)
  12. The Monster In Creeps Head Bay: Is There Really a Sea Serpent in Creeps Head Bay? By Mel Gilden (2021)
  13. The Serpent’s Nest: Young Captain Nemo by Jason Henderson
  14. The Sea Serpent’s Daughter: A Brazilian Legend (Legends of the World) by Margaret H. Lippert (1993)
  15. Lucas and Nellie: The Tale of the Lake Dardanelle Serpent by Stanley Lombardo

Happy reading!

Ways to Celebrate National Sea Serpent Day

Did you know today, August 7th is National Sea Serpent Day? A sea serpent or sea dragon is a fascinating mythological creature. The mention of sea serpents brings up images of enormous legendary creatures of the deep seas. The myths and lore are fascinating.

Please note: As an Amazon affiliate, I earn income from qualifying purchases.

Ways to Celebrate Sea Serpent Day

Whether you believe sea serpents existed or not, celebrating the mythological creatures can be a fun activity for you and your entire family. If you need ideas for celebrating National Sea Serpent Day, check out the following.

Host a Family Movie Night

The sea holds marvelous mysteries and tales for every age. Movies use the unknown to entice the watcher.

Of course, there are numerous other movies focusing on creatures from the deep. But the horror-inspired sea serpent movies may not be for all family members.

Sea Inspired Snacks

Yes, you can create an entire dinner based on foods from the sea. Or you make simple snacks to go along with your movie night. For example, the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers are an ideal treat for sea-themed movie nights. Serving pretzels can easily represent driftwood and green licorice turns into seaweed bunches. Blue Hawaiian Punch (Polar Blast) is the perfect glass of seawater.

Read a Book

Go to your local library or bookstore to find books about sea serpents. The myths and legends are perfect reading material.

Go to the Beach

Even if you are nowhere near the open sea, going to the beach is a great way to celebrate National Sea Serpent Day. Search for shells, sea glass, and other goodies. Remember to follow all the rules of public places.

Host a Craft Day

Gather your craft supplies to host a craft day or afternoon. Use different materials to create sea serpents and their habitant. Check out your local dollar store if you do not have craft supplies. The inexpensive arts and crafts items are great for an impromptu day of creating.

  • Your Pet Sea Serpent: Create a sea serpent out of clay, dry, and paint. Don’t forget to name your new sea serpent.
  • Get Creative: Draw or paint a sea serpent. Use large-size white poster boards. The extra space is perfect for an entire scene centering on your sea serpent.
  • Quick Crafts: Use construction paper, googly eyes, and other materials to create a sea serpent

Sea serpent art is only limited by your imagination.

Write a Your Own Tale

Write your own story about a sea serpent. If you have younger children, ask them to tell a story to you. Write down their imaginary world with a sea serpent. The simple task creates a lasting treasure.

35 Hashtags for August

Are you trying to boost your social media posts with hashtags? August days are warm and long. But school, sports, and other commitments are just around the corner. Enjoying the last unofficial days of summer are essential. If you are looking for inspiration for your social media posts, check out the following hashtags for August.

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  1. #August
  2. #August2022
  3. #HappyAugust
  4. #1stWeekDown
  5. #1stAugustWeekend
  6. #HappyAugust
  7. #AugustBaby
  8. #AugustPhotoChallenge
  9. #AugustSelfie
  10. #AugustVibes
  11. #EndofSummer
  12. #Happy
  13. #Fun
  14. #AugustFun
  15. #Friends
  16. #Family
  17. #AugustAdventure
  18. #AugustGoals
  19. #AugustWedding
  20. #AugustBride
  21. #AugustStyle
  22. #SummerTime
  23. #SummersEnding
  24. #BacktoSchool
  25. #SummerLove
  26. #AugustLove
  27. #Love
  28. #AugustBirthday
  29. #AugustSunset
  30. #SugustSunrise
  31. #AugustHiking
  32. #AugustCamping
  33. #AugustBBQ
  34. #AugustPicnic
  35. #AugustRoadTrip

Have a great August!

31 Journal Writing Prompts for August

Are you keeping up with your journal writing? Keeping a journal is a great way to record memories, dump your emotional baggage, or write out your dreams. If you are searching for inspiration, check out the following journal writing prompts for August.

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  1. How did last month go for you? Your family? Your friends? Your community? List the highs and lows of the month.
  2. Do you believe in telling the truth even if the information may hurt the other person’s feelings? Why or why not?
  3. List your top 10 qualities. (Yes, you have 10). Go into detail of each quality.
  4. What in your daily life feels like a struggle right now? What steps can you take to improve the situation?
  5. Free write for 20 minutes.
  6. How do you describe luxury in your personal life? What is your favorite indulgence?
  7. Do you have siblings? How are you different? (No, siblings? How are different from your friends?)
  8. Describe your childhood home. What was your favorite part? Why?
  9. If you could have any fictional animal as a pet, what would you get? Why?
  10. What situations make you feel self-conscious? How do you react in these types of situations?
  11. How do you think people describe you?
  12. How do you describe yourself to other people?
  13. Describe your happy place.
  14. What is your favorite time of the day? Why?
  15. What healthy habits do you need to start? Why?
  16. What are your plans or goals for the rest of 2022? Are you making progress towards any of them? Why or why not?
  17. Are your thoughts already turning toward to the upcoming holiday season? What can you do now to prepare for the holidays?
  18. Write a quote that perfectly describes your life right now.
  19. Who is your inspiration at this moment? Why?
  20. If you continue your current path in life, will you be fulfilled at the end? Why or why not?
  21. When do you feel you are living your life to the fullest? Provide details.
  22. Do you engage in self-care? What is your favorite activity? Why?
  23. If you could spend quality time with someone who is no longer on Earth, who would you pick? Why?
  24. If you had more time to yourself, what would you do? Why?
  25. How did you spend your day? Provide details.
  26. What are you 5 most current achievements? (Yes, making it through a long workday is an achievement).
  27. Who helps you through the rough times in your life?
  28. What or who made you smile today? Write about the situation.
  29. What lessons did you learn from this month?
  30. What moment from this month do you want to remember for the rest of your life? Why?
  31. Writer’s choice.

Have a great August! Happy writing!

August Drawing Prompts

Are the warm days of August keeping you indoors? Or do you enjoy sitting outside to soak up the sun and enjoy the sounds of nature? In either case, drawing is a wonderful way to spend your leisure time. If you are looking for inspiration, check out the following drawing prompts for August.

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  1. Self Portrait
  2. Flowers (Sunflowers are in full bloom this time of year. Perfect inspiration!)
  3. Food
  4. Favorite Movie Scene
  5. Historic
  6. Robot
  7. Favorite Cartoon Character
  8. Architecture
  9. Patterns
  10. Nature Scene
  11. Favorite Superhero
  12. Favorite Animal
  13. Friendship
  14. Colorful
  15. Sky
  16. Water Fountain
  17. Trees
  18. Favorite Book
  19. Earth
  20. Underwater Scene
  21. Steampunk
  22. Hot Air Balloons
  23. Space Craft
  24. Space/Galaxy
  25. Planets
  26. City Scene
  27. Statue
  28. Favorite Person
  29. Pet
  30. Bridge
  31. Artist’s Choice

Have a wonderful month! Get creative!

August Photo Prompts

August is here! The last month of the summer is a great time to be outdoors. Grab a camera and go on an adventure. Go to your local park, pack a picnic basket, and take photos. If you are looking for inspiration, check out the following photo prompts for August.

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  1. Selfie in the Sun
  2. Love
  3. Food
  4. Sunrise/Sunset
  5. Style
  6. Nature
  7. Favorite Place
  8. Colorful
  9. Change
  10. Silhouette
  11. 3 pm
  12. Street
  13. Shadows
  14. Landscape
  15. Macro (up-close)
  16. Cityscape
  17. Out of Focus
  18. Upside Down
  19. Laughter
  20. Skyscape
  21. Birds
  22. Friendship
  23. Beverage
  24. Alike
  25. Cozy
  26. Water
  27. Art
  28. Path
  29. Different
  30. Bloom
  31. Photographer’s Choice

Have a great month!

Self-Care Ideas for August

Are you taking care of yourself? Self-care should be part of your daily schedule. Committing to your own physical, mental, and spiritual well-being is essential. If you are looking for inspiration, check out the following self-care ideas for August.

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  1. Make a commitment to yourself to walk away from anything or anyone that doesn’t bring you inner peace. (Yes, this may take a while or repeat efforts.)
  2. Meditate or pray for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water or try different herbal teas.
  4. Keep a journal.
  5. Say no to any extra workload that feels overwhelming.
  6. Get plenty of sleep. Go to bed early or take a nap.
  7. Enjoy a long bubble bath. (Play soft music or light candles to set a relaxing mood)
  8. Visit a local farmers market to get fresh fruit and vegetables.
  9. Create a vision board.
  10. Declutter.
  11. Create a bucket list.
  12. Write goals for the remaining months of 2022.
  13. Light a favorite candle.
  14. Read
  15. Volunteer
  16. Go on a picnic.
  17. Buy yourself something.
  18. Get outdoors. Try Geocaching, hiking, or go on a nature walk.
  19. Go for a drive to just see the scenery.
  20. Listen to uplifting podcasts or YouTube videos.
  21. Try a new workout routine.
  22. Learn a new skill.
  23. Update your resume. Write your career goals for the next year and five years.
  24. Dip your favorite beverage and watch the sunset.
  25. Go stargazing.
  26. Do crafts.
  27. Go out to lunch.
  28. Cook/bake a homemade meal.
  29. Check in with your friends.
  30. Be yourself.
  31. Your choice.

Have a great month! Stay healthy!

Drawing Prompts for Harry Potter’s Birthday

Today, July 31 is not only Harry Potter’s birthday but also the creator of the series, J.K. Rowling. Whether you are watching for the first time or the 200th time, the day is perfect to binge-watch the Harry Potter series. If you want to do something fun while watching your favorite scenes, try drawing. Sketching is a great activity to do by yourself or with family and friends. The possibilities are endless.

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If you need inspiration, consider the following drawing prompts for Harry Potter’s birthday.

  1. Your Letter
  2. Cake
  3. Favorite Store in Diagon Alley
  4. Wand
  5. Hogwarts Express
  6. Castle
  7. Astronomy Tower
  8. Peeves
  9. Sorting Hat
  10. Your House
  11. Crest
  12. Favorite Teacher
  13. Favorite Course
  14. Broomstick
  15. Troll
  16. Ghosts
  17. Self Portrait in Robes
  18. Favorite Scene in Each Movie or Book
  19. Hippogriff
  20. Fang
  21. Giant Spider
  22. Potion Bottle
  23. Ink, Quill, & Parchment
  24. Owl
  25. Portraits
  26. Dormitory/Common Room
  27. Trunk
  28. Unicorn
  29. Library
  30. Holidays at Hogwarts
  31. Pygmy Puff
  32. Favorite Character
  33. Weasley’s Clock
  34. The Burrow
  35. Thestral
  36. House Elf
  37. Magical Beasts
  38. Feast
  39. Quidditch
  40. Triwizard Cup/Maze/Task
  41. Yule Ball
  42. Harry Potter

Christmas in July: Start Planning

Christmas in July is a unique way to celebrate the seasonal holiday in the summer. Many people love the second chance to celebrate Christmas including singing carols, decorating a tree, and receiving a visit from Santa. Others use Christmas in July to start planning for the festive season in December.

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Planning for Christmas in July

If you are looking for ways to take advantage of the Christmas in July holiday season, check out the following.

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Please note: “As an Amazon affiliate, I earn income from qualifying purchases.”

  1. Make Lists (and More Lists): Use a notebook or your favorite app to start making lists for Christmas. Gift ideas, cards, and donation recipients are a great place to start with lists. Use your lists as part of the planning process for Christmas.
  2. Take Advantage of Sales: Christmas in July ads are on television, radio, social media, and print. Finding a deal is always a significant step toward finalizing your Christmas shopping lists.
  3. Shop Prime Days: Amazon hosts Prime Days in July. The two-day event, July 12-13 is a great way to start your holiday shopping. Purchase items early. The holiday season often brings shortages of favorite products.
  4. Shop Back-to-School:  In July, department stores begin filling shelves with back-to-school supplies. Markers, crayons, paint, paint brushes, paper, desk lamps, computers, and bags are generally on sale. The savings are perfect for buying early Christmas presents.
  5. Plan Tentative Events: Make a revisable schedule for the holiday season. Plan social gatherings, teas, dinners, and other festive fun. Creating a tentative schedule allows you to make lists for supplies, gifts, and more.

Christmas in July is a great way to get a head start on the holiday season. Have fun! Take advantage of the seasonal sales.  

Happy Independence Day!

I want to take a moment to wish all of you a Happy 4th of July!

Are you going to watch the fireworks? If the rain holds off, I will be at the park with my family and friends.

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Have a safe and fun holiday! What is your favorite 4th of July food?

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Take Care! Thanks again for following my blog.

Peace Always,


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