31 Days of Self-Care for August

August marks the end of summer. School will be starting soon. Whether virtual or in-person, school and work schedules take up a lot of your time. Finding time to relax and care for yourself is essential to your overall well-being.

Self-Care Ideas for August

  1. Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water.
  2. Get enough sleep! If possible, take a nap or sleep in for an extra half hour.
  3. Go for a hike. Do not forget to bring the dog.
  4. Go for a nature walk with your kids.
  5. Go for a bike ride.
  6. Pamper yourself with an in-home spa day. Paint your nails or give yourself a facial.
  7. Take a long relaxing bubble bath.
  8. Write a letter or send out thinking of you cards.
  9. Call or chat online with a friend.
  10. Do yoga or other exercises.
  11. Meditate or pray.
  12. Read a book.
  13. Binge-watch your favorite television series or find a new one to enjoy.
  14. Have a movie marathon, complete with popcorn or other treats.
  15. Make a gratitude list, at least 10 things.
  16. Try a new recipe or cook an old family favorite.
  17. Listen to your favorite music, turn up the volume, sing along, or dance.
  18. Order pizza or another type of take-out to give yourself a break from cooking.
  19. Buy one new item to try at the grocery store. Your pick doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, buy a new type of fruit to try or a candy bar.
  20. Do crafts.
  21. Do not be afraid to say no.
  22. Listen to a Podcast or watch YouTube videos.
  23. Declutter your space.
  24. Go on a virtual tour of a museum, art gallery, or the zoo.
  25. Make a visual board or a mood board.
  26. Keep a journal.
  27. Spend a day in your pajamas.
  28. Invest in a high-quality weighted blanket.
  29. Buy your favorite scented candle to burn.
  30. Make lists.
  31. Be kind to yourself, always.


Self-Care Ideas for the Holiday Season

Christmas parties, baking, shopping, planned activities, and other commitments can easily make the holidays a stressful time. Self-care is essential for your physical and mental well-being. Taking a few moments out of the day to regroup and relax will help you enjoy the holiday season.

Ideas for Self-Care During the Christmas Season

Engaging in regular self-care activities can improve your overall mood and reduce anxiety. Consider the following list to help you engage in routine self-care.

  1. Spend some alone time at the library or bookstore
  2. Read a book
  3. Make a playlist
  4. Listen to music loudly and sing along
  5. Go for a nature walk
  6. Go hiking
  7. Take a long, hot bubble bath
  8. Keep a journal
  9. Paint your fingernails
  10. Do crafts
  11. Meditate
  12. Do yoga
  13. Workout
  14. Bake your favorite recipe
  15. Volunteer
  16. Sleep in or take a nap
  17. Unplug from your devices
  18. Call up an old classmate just to catch up
  19. Binge-watch your favorite series
  20. Try a new hobby
  21. Paint
  22. Slowly sip hot tea, coffee, mulled apple cider or hot cocoa
  23. Take a class, workshop, seminar, or attend a conference that is not work-related
  24. Visit your local art gallery, museum, historical place, or other tourist attraction
  25. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  26. Indulge just this one time: eat a piece of cake or candy bar
  27. Invite a friend to lunch
  28. Purchase a lovely smelling candle to light at home
  29. Go to your favorite cafe
  30. Buy yourself a gift (does not have to be a large one, just something special to you)

The holidays will be more enjoyable if you set aside time for yourself.


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