30 Days of Self-Care for June

Self-care is essential for your physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. Whether you are working full time, practicing social distancing, or staying at home, you must take the time for yourself. If you would like some inspiration on self-care ideas, check out the following for June.

  1. Go for a Hike: Check out a new trail, get outdoors, and do not forget to take along your favorite 4-legged companion.
  2. Photograph Nature: You do not need a fancy camera to snap a picture of the sunrise or sunset. Spend some time enjoying nature. Photograph your journey.
  3. Video Chat with Friends or Family Members on Zoom
  4. Take a Long, Bubble Bath: Soaking in a warm tub with lots of bubbles is a great way to relax.
  5. Write a Letter: Put pen to paper and write a traditional letter.
  6. Buy Yourself Flowers or Chocolate
  7. Turn Up the Music and Sing
  8. Binge-Watch Something New
  9. Draw or Paint
  10. Try a New Craft
  11. Meditate or Pray
  12. Try a New Recipe
  13. Start a Journal
  14. Read a Book: Step outside of your usual reading genre and find something new to read. Yes, comic books and manga count as reading material.
  15. Listen to a New Podcast
  16. Clean, Declutter, and Reorganize Your Living Space
  17. Take a Long Nap or Sleep In
  18. Listen to an Audio Book
  19. Call a Friend from School
  20. Listen to the Sounds of Nature: If you cannot open your window to hear nature, find a live cam on YouTube or other platforms. Turn up the volume and just listen.
  21. Watch YouTube Videos
  22. Make a Video of Your Pet
  23. Do an In-Home Spa Day: Paint your nails, soak your feet, do a facial, and hot oil treatment for your hair.
  24. Sip a Cup of Hot Tea, Coffee, or Cocoa
  25. Birdwatch
  26. Print Photos from Your Phone: Make a photo scrapbook, buy frames to hang photos on the wall, or send prints to friends and family members.
  27. Go for a Nature Walk: Collect rocks, pine cones, or other material for crafts. Paint the rocks and hide around your neighborhood. For example, paint thank you or quotes on the rock and place in front of the hospital or other medical facility.
  28. Get Take Out: Whether you order a meal for yourself or your family, take a break from cooking. Yes, pizza does count.
  29. Burn a Nice Smelling Candle
  30. Spend an Evening Looking at the Stars

Celebrating May the Fourth Be With You at Home

Celebrating George Lucas’ Star Wars, May 4th is known as May the Fourth Be With You. For diehard fans, the catch slogan is a play on words to the catchphrase “May the Force Be With You.” A general wish of good luck or goodwill as a person leaves to go on a mission. With social distancing and self-isolation, celebrating May the Fourth Be With You means staying close to home. But, the day still can be lots of fun.

How to Celebrate May the Fourth Be With You at Home

Beginning in May 1977, Star Wars enticed theater and drive-in goers around the globe. Through the years, other installments were released only to further the storyline. Today, fans enjoy movies, animated series, and a new television series, The Mandalorian, all adding to the beautiful world of the Star Wars franchise. So, how do you celebrate the day at home? Check out the following ideas:

Yes, I still own y VCR versions of Star Wars.
  • Binge-Watch: From the first Star Wars, the prequels and the sequels, there is plenty to binge to celebrate May the Fourth Be With You. Not to mention, the new series on Disney+, The Mandalorian, centering on The Child, the show provides hours of entertainment. For added fun, host an online watch party. Enjoy Star Wars with your friends.
  • Read: The Star Wars Universe has numerous books and comics. Grab your favorite blanket, cuddle with your four-legged companion, and just read.
  • Audio: If you are cleaning or doing yard work, try listening to Star Wars. The different stories are brought to life while you continue to do your work.
  • Play Games: Do you have a Star Wars-themed video game or board game? Today is the perfect day to play. Gather your family together, grab your favorite game, and have fun.
  • Set Up a Photo Shoot: Using a sheet or blanket as a backdrop, set up your own photo session. Wear your Star Wars apparel, act out scenes, and have fun with the extra time on your hands.
  • Get Crafty: Star Wars is full of unique characters and creatures. Use the different species as inspiration for crafts. For example, make homemade modeling clay (the recipe is on Pinterest). Use the clay to make a Star Wars-themed creature of your own.
  • Cook a Meal or Dessert: Ever tried galactic meatballs or out of this world spaghetti? Adding a space name to any food is an excellent way for children to enjoy the day without a lot of added fuss. Use your imagination, prepare an entire meal or snack with different names.

For avid fans of the franchise, celebrating May the Fourth Be With You is an added bonus. Due to the recent health issue, staying home is the norm for this year. But being indoors does not need to be boring. Enjoy your time together. Soon, the parks will open, conventions will be running, and you will be able to take part in larger celebrations. Until then, May the Force Be With You.

May the Force Be With You, always. This is actually above my kitchen sink.



Low-Cost Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Is your budget a little tight this Valentine’s Day? Do not worry. Celebrating Valentine’s Day does not have to cost a lot of money. Using a little creativity, a Valentine’s Day celebration can cost almost nothing.

Low-Cost Ideas to Celebrate With the One You Love

Fancy dinners and roses are lovely for Valentine’s Day. But often the costs do not fit into your budget. Using a little creativity, your Valentine’s Day can be just as great without the expense.

  • Movie and Popcorn: Cuddle under a comfy blanket while eating popcorn and watching a good movie. Spending some quality time together is a great way to enjoy Valentine’s Day.
  • Have a Picnic: Pack a picnic basket and head outdoors. The trip does not have to be far. Go to your local park. If the weather is too cold for an outdoor picnic, set one up in your living room.
  • Make a Homemade Valentine: Grab some construction paper and start creating a one of a kind Valentine for the one you love.
  • Create a Photo Book: Print some of your favorite photos and create a photo album. Write notes on why the images are important to you. Tell the story behind each photo. Add quotes or poetry.
  • Make a Special Meal: Make your significant other’s favorite meal. Or cook a meal together to enjoy as a couple.
  • Eat Dessert: If you are not in the habit of making a dessert, find something special to prepare. For example, make brownies and use heart-shaped cookie cutters to cut our Valentine’s Day treats.
  • Be a Tourist in Your Hometown: When was the last time you went to your local art gallery or museum? Being a hometown tourist is an exciting way to spend Valentine’s Day. Generally, the cost of admission is low. In many cases, local attractions will host Valentine’s Day events with special discounts.
  • Go Hiking: Unplug and hit the trails. Spend an afternoon hiking on your favorite trail or find a new one to explore. Do not forget your dog. Hiking is a great Valentine’s Day treat for your four-legged companion.
  • Go for a Walk: If hiking is too much for you, go for a walk. Stroll around your block. Grab your camera, head outdoors, and go for a nature walk. Enjoy your time together.
  • Make Valentine’s Day a Family Night: Valentine’s Day does not need to be just about couples. Host a family fun night. Play board games. Watch a favorite family movie.

Make Valentine’s Day special for you. Whether you go out as a couple or relax at home with your family, spend quality time together.

Self-Care Ideas for the Holiday Season

Christmas parties, baking, shopping, planned activities, and other commitments can easily make the holidays a stressful time. Self-care is essential for your physical and mental well-being. Taking a few moments out of the day to regroup and relax will help you enjoy the holiday season.

Ideas for Self-Care During the Christmas Season

Engaging in regular self-care activities can improve your overall mood and reduce anxiety. Consider the following list to help you engage in routine self-care.

  1. Spend some alone time at the library or bookstore
  2. Read a book
  3. Make a playlist
  4. Listen to music loudly and sing along
  5. Go for a nature walk
  6. Go hiking
  7. Take a long, hot bubble bath
  8. Keep a journal
  9. Paint your fingernails
  10. Do crafts
  11. Meditate
  12. Do yoga
  13. Workout
  14. Bake your favorite recipe
  15. Volunteer
  16. Sleep in or take a nap
  17. Unplug from your devices
  18. Call up an old classmate just to catch up
  19. Binge-watch your favorite series
  20. Try a new hobby
  21. Paint
  22. Slowly sip hot tea, coffee, mulled apple cider or hot cocoa
  23. Take a class, workshop, seminar, or attend a conference that is not work-related
  24. Visit your local art gallery, museum, historical place, or other tourist attraction
  25. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  26. Indulge just this one time: eat a piece of cake or candy bar
  27. Invite a friend to lunch
  28. Purchase a lovely smelling candle to light at home
  29. Go to your favorite cafe
  30. Buy yourself a gift (does not have to be a large one, just something special to you)

The holidays will be more enjoyable if you set aside time for yourself.


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