31 Days of Self-Care for May

Whether your essential worker or following the stay-at-home restrictions, self-care is vital to your overall health and well-being. Self-care is taking the necessary steps to care for your own health. The process of self-care does not need to be elaborate or expensive. Just remember, take time out for you.

  1. Unplug: Simply turn off your cell phone (or set to vibrate), step away from the computer, turn off the news, and relax.
  2. Hot Bath: Pamper yourself with a long hot bath or shower. Soaking in a bubble bath is an easy way to relax.
  3. Binge-Watch: Spend an evening or the entire day binge-watching your favorite television show or movie series.
  4. Get Outdoors: Take your favorite four-legged friend for a walk, go hiking, or just sit in your favorite outdoor chair.
  5. Garden: Planting flowers, herbs, or vegetables is a great way to unwind. Even if you can only set a container in the kitchen window, enjoy the process of plant growth. Playing in the dirt is always fun.
  6. Read: Relax in your favorite comfy chair, grab your reader or book, and just fall into the story. Yes, graphic novels and comic books are perfectly acceptable reading material.
  7. Draw or Paint: Art supplies do not need to be expensive. Stop at your local dollar store or order supplies online. Practice drawing or painting. Yes, stick figures drawings and paint by numbers count.
  8. Craft: Invest in some craft materials. Or purchase craft kits that have step by step instructions for creating a specific item.
  9. Create a Family Tree: If you have ever been interested in your family roots, create a tree. Discovering genealogy is a fun and rewarding activity with many benefits.
  10. Happy Mother’s Day: Call your mom. Make a homemade card or have a meal delivered.
  11. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of fluids.
  12. Eat Proper Meals: Eating healthy is essential during stressful times.
  13. Mediate: Spend some time meditating or praying. Either activity can provide a sense of inner peace.
  14. Exercise: Try low-impact yoga or other exercise routines.
  15. Give Yourself an In-Home Spa Day: Spending the day focused on you, soak your feet in warm water with lavender. Paint your nails a new color. Give yourself a facial.
  16. Go on a Virtual Tour: Many museums, art centers, and other establishments are providing virtual tours. Spend an afternoon touring new places.
  17. Make a Bucket List: Write down everything you want to try this summer. Make a local and dream bucket list.
  18. Listen to a Podcast: With all types of podcasts available, you can easily find one or several for your listening pleasure.
  19. Wash Your Bedding: Wash all of your blankets, sheets, and comforter. The smell of clean linen is a great way to relax.
  20. Light a Candle: Purchase a candle in your favorite scent.
  21. Play Games: Online games are popular. Find one that matches your interest. Spend an afternoon playing a new game.
  22. Clean: Tidying and cleaning your living space can provide a sense of accomplishment.
  23. Journal: Write all your thoughts down on paper.
  24. Make a Grateful List: Create a list of gratitude. Recognizing all the positive things helps you concentrate on the good.
  25. Write an Accomplishment List: Sometimes, you can get too focused on current events, you fail to recognize your accomplishments. Make an accomplishments list. Jot notes by your successes and write future goals.
  26. Sleep: Take a long afternoon nap or sleep in. Getting extra rest during stressful times is right for you.
  27. Turn Up the Music: Turn on the radio or other listening device. Sing along. Dance. Enjoy yourself as the music plays loudly.
  28. Call Friends or Relatives: Is there someone on your mind lately? Take the time to call.
  29. Write Letters: Grab your favorite pen and write a letter to a loved one. Or write a thank you note someone from your past that has made a difference in your life.
  30. Try a New Recipe: Cooking something new provides a sense of accomplishment.
  31. Do Nothing: Yes, sometimes the best you can do for yourself is nothing. Do not be afraid to just relax without any goals for the day.

Journal Writing Prompts for May

Writing your feelings down is a perfect way to handle everyday stresses. Right now, with social distancing and self-isolating, getting is an ideal time to start a journal. If you need some daily inspiration on writing topics, check out the following list of May journal writing prompts.

  1. What is the most significant change for you during this pandemic?
  2. Write a paragraph describing your new routine with social distancing and self-isolation?
  3. When the mandates are lifted, what is the first thing you want to do? Why?
  4. Create a summer bucket list. Have the items changed on your list since the start of the pandemic?
  5. Fill a page or two in your journal with your favorite quotes, poems, or Bible verses.
  6. Free write for 15 minutes. Simply write whatever comes to your mind.
  7. Write about your latest dream in detail. What do you think the dream means?
  8. If you could have one superpower, what would your gift be? Why?
  9. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
  10. Happy Mother’s Day! (US) Write about being a mother. What is your most significant moment? Or write about your mother. Write about your favorite childhood moment with just you and your mom.
  11. Write a gratitude list. Strive for at least 5 items on your list.
  12. What is one development in your life that is causing you the most anxiety? Can you change it? Or can a different approach help you deal with the issue better?
  13. What are the three things you accomplished today? Go into detail. (Even if one is just binge-watching Netflix.)
  14. Make a list of your top 5 strongest qualities.
  15. Write about a happy moment from today.
  16. How have you changed in the last month? Six months? Year? 5 Years? 10 Years? Go into detail.
  17. If you could have a dinner party with any 5 people (past or present), who would you pick to sit at your table? Why?
  18. Name a person who made the most significant impact on you this week?
  19. Write about your day from your pet’s point of view. Go into detail.
  20. What would you like to tell your future self about this past week?
  21. Write down 5 of your favorite childhood memories.
  22. What would you do if you did not have to worry about money?
  23. List 10 facts about yourself, your spouse, your children, or your pet.
  24. What is the best childhood memory of Memorial Day weekend? Did you travel? Stay home? Have a cookout? Planted flowers on gravesites?
  25. Happy Memorial Day! How did you spend your day?
  26. How do you think other people describe you? How do you describe yourself?
  27. Interview a family member.
  28. What is your biggest regret from your school years, adulthood, relationships, or current situation? How did the situation make you grow?
  29. List 5 things you want to change about yourself, your family, your finances, your job, etc.
  30. Write about something that you love about this particular time in your life right now.
  31. What are you looking forward to in June?

Journal Writing Prompts for April

Everyone is doing their part to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Keeping a journal while self-isolating is a perfect way to get your feelings down on paper. Do you need some inspiration to help with your journal entries? Check out the list of journal writing prompts for April.

  1. How has your life changed since the start of the pandemic?
  2. List 10 things that bring you joy while you are self-isolating and social-distancing.
  3. What is the one thing you want to do when the health warnings are lifted? Why is this activity so important to you?
  4. Describe your day. The more details you add to your entry, the better.
  5. Palm Sunday-Do you celebrate Easter? How is this Easter week going to be different than in previous years?
  6. Describe your happy place during this time.
  7. What made you laugh or smile today? Your family? Your spouse? Your dog? Why did this one moment bring you joy?
  8. What is your favorite Easter memory?
  9. Describe your Easter celebrations as a child? Teen? Adult?
  10. Good Friday-write about your day.
  11. What in-home Easter activity are you and your family doing this year?
  12. Easter Sunday! Happy Easter! Describe your day. Make your entry at least a paragraph.
  13. Free write for 5 minutes. Set a timer. And, just write about whatever comes to mind.
  14. Write about your biggest fear or worry at this time.
  15. Make a list of activities you can do when you are bored. The list should include personal and family activities.
  16. What is one goal you want to complete by the end of the month?
  17. Make a list of areas you want to clean, declutter, or organize.
  18. What values did your parents, grandparents, or other family members pass on to you? Why are these important?
  19. Make a list of questions to ask your parents or grandparents about their lives. Use the answers to start a family tree or journal.
  20. What is your favorite song right now? Why does this song bring you joy?
  21. Write down goals or dreams that you want to accomplish.
  22. Earth Day! What are some activities you can do to help the planet?
  23. What was your toughest part of the day?
  24. Recall a favorite memory from your high school days? Why does this memory make you happy?
  25. What book are you reading right now? Describe the plot. Why did you pick this particular story to read?
  26. Write about your previous travels. Why was the trip important?
  27. How do you think people describe you?
  28. What is one activity you are doing to keep yourself healthy? Why is this important? What can you do to improve your health further?
  29. Write yourself a letter. Forgive a past mistake. Give positive affirmations.
  30. What do you hope May brings?

Please stay safe and healthy.

Photo Prompts for April

Participating in self-isolating and social distancing does not have to be boring. Grab your camera a photograph of what you see daily. Looking at everyday items from a different perspective can be a fun part of the day.

  1. April Fool’s Day! Photograph something silly or funny.
  2. Selfie (yes, selfies are generally done on the first of each month )
  3. Stuffed animal
  4. Pet
  5. Morning
  6. Easter Decor
  7. Spring flowers
  8. 2 pm
  9. Bunnies
  10. Good Friday! Remembrance
  11. Easter eggs
  12. Happy Easter! Celebration
  13. Blue
  14. Signs
  15. Art
  16. Something Old
  17. Something New
  18. Crafty
  19. Black and white
  20. Green
  21. Comfy
  22. Earth Day! Planet Related Photo
  23. Night
  24. Clean
  25. Bubbles
  26. Current View
  27. Snacks
  28. Favorite Beverage
  29. Meal
  30. Love

Have fun with April’s photo prompts. Get your friends to participate in the challenge. Post photos on your social media pages with a fun hashtag. You may be at home, but you still can enjoy each other’s creative visions.

How to Celebrate Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Did you know today, March 26, is Make Up Your Own Holiday day? The holiday is perfect for entertaining children at home. The best part, there is no right or wrong answer to the celebration.

Ways to Celebrate Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Get the entire family to participate. Ask questions. Enjoy your quality time. Do you need some inspiration? Check out the list below.


Turn mealtime into a celebration. For example, a simple pasta dinner can quickly turn into a spaghetti celebration.

  • Placemats: Get creative. Make placemats out of construction paper or draw designs on plain notebook paper.
  • Decorations: Ask your children to draw or create decorations for the special holiday. Make a centerpiece for the table.
  • Create the Mood: Use your Christmas or special plate settings. Cut around the edges of paper plates to make distinctive designs.
  • Add a Treat: Bake a special dessert. Yes, cookies count.


Pick an animal to celebrate for the Make Up Your Own Holiday day. A wild animal, an ocean dweller, stuffed animal, or your favorite pet can be part of the celebration.

  • Draw: Use crayons or markers to draw a picture of the animal. Drawing is a great way to expand your child’s imagination. (Yes, you can draw too.)
  • Paint: Use watercolors, acrylics, or make your own paint to create a picture.
  • Story Time: Ask your child to write a story about the animal. If your child is young, write the story down.
  • Research: If celebrating a wild animal or a dinosaur, spend some time researching. Where does the animal live? How big does the animal get? What does the animal eat? Each answer is a great way to learn.


Celebrate a place. The location can be anywhere in the world, outer space, fictional lands, or entirely imaginary.

  • Real Places: Learn about a different country. Base your evening meal on the country’s culture. Get creative. Do crafts about the country. Or simply just research and learn.
  • Outer Space: Learn about the planets, moon, black holes, or the stars.
  • Fictional Worlds: Celebrate the fictional places in your child’s favorite book or movie. For example, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone introduce the reader to Hogsmeade. The fictional village is a perfect fictional location to celebrate Make Up Your Own Holiday day.

Movie or Book

Create a celebration focusing on a film or book. How many times have you watched the movies Frozen or Frozen 2? Or how many times have you or your family members read the Harry Potter series? Books and films are a fantastic resource to make up an unofficial holiday. The celebration can be as simple as watching a movie. Or elaborate as turning the entire day into craft activities, food, and fun.

Remember celebrating Make Up Your Own Holiday can be an excellent way to entertain your family while at home.

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