Journal Writing Prompts for April

Everyone is doing their part to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Keeping a journal while self-isolating is a perfect way to get your feelings down on paper. Do you need some inspiration to help with your journal entries? Check out the list of journal writing prompts for April.

  1. How has your life changed since the start of the pandemic?
  2. List 10 things that bring you joy while you are self-isolating and social-distancing.
  3. What is the one thing you want to do when the health warnings are lifted? Why is this activity so important to you?
  4. Describe your day. The more details you add to your entry, the better.
  5. Palm Sunday-Do you celebrate Easter? How is this Easter week going to be different than in previous years?
  6. Describe your happy place during this time.
  7. What made you laugh or smile today? Your family? Your spouse? Your dog? Why did this one moment bring you joy?
  8. What is your favorite Easter memory?
  9. Describe your Easter celebrations as a child? Teen? Adult?
  10. Good Friday-write about your day.
  11. What in-home Easter activity are you and your family doing this year?
  12. Easter Sunday! Happy Easter! Describe your day. Make your entry at least a paragraph.
  13. Free write for 5 minutes. Set a timer. And, just write about whatever comes to mind.
  14. Write about your biggest fear or worry at this time.
  15. Make a list of activities you can do when you are bored. The list should include personal and family activities.
  16. What is one goal you want to complete by the end of the month?
  17. Make a list of areas you want to clean, declutter, or organize.
  18. What values did your parents, grandparents, or other family members pass on to you? Why are these important?
  19. Make a list of questions to ask your parents or grandparents about their lives. Use the answers to start a family tree or journal.
  20. What is your favorite song right now? Why does this song bring you joy?
  21. Write down goals or dreams that you want to accomplish.
  22. Earth Day! What are some activities you can do to help the planet?
  23. What was your toughest part of the day?
  24. Recall a favorite memory from your high school days? Why does this memory make you happy?
  25. What book are you reading right now? Describe the plot. Why did you pick this particular story to read?
  26. Write about your previous travels. Why was the trip important?
  27. How do you think people describe you?
  28. What is one activity you are doing to keep yourself healthy? Why is this important? What can you do to improve your health further?
  29. Write yourself a letter. Forgive a past mistake. Give positive affirmations.
  30. What do you hope May brings?

Please stay safe and healthy.

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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