Staycation Ideas for Labor Day Weekend

It’s here the long 3-day holiday weekend. Millions of people will travel this weekend, the unofficial end of summer. Did you decide to stay home for the long Labor Day weekend? Don’t worry; there are still plenty of things to do close to home. Many of these staycation ideas are free or have minimal costs.

Low Cost or No Cost Activities for Labor Day Weekend

  1. Go Hiking: Get outdoors and enjoy nature. Find a new trail to hike. Hiking is a great activity for the entire family.
  2. Beach Day: Pack a lunch and spend an entire day at the beach.
  3. Go to a Local Winery: Many wineries allow taste testing. Gather your friends, enjoy the sights, and sample different wines.
  4. Host a BBQ
  5. Classic Game Night: Dust off your favorite Monopoly or other board game for a fun night of friendly competition. Don’t forget the snacks.
  6. Picnic in the Park: Pack your favorite goodies and head to a local park.
  7. Host a Bonfire Night: Don’t forget the S’mores.
  8.  Host a Themed Movie Night: Order pizza, make popcorn, and play your favorite movies.
  9. Do Crafts: It’s never too early to start holiday crafts.
  10. Read a Book: How long has that book been setting on the shelf? Labor Day weekend is a great time to snuggle under a cozy blanket and read.
  11. Go to a Local Sporting Event: Football and other events are a fun activiy for everyone. Don’t forget to tailgate.
  12. Attend a Local Community Event: Parades, concerts, and other events are generally part of the Labor Day weekend.
  13. Volunteer: MDA and other organizations use the 3-day to collect funds. Volunteer to help locally.
  14. Make a Themed Meal: Create a meal based on your favorite movie. Or use the vegetables from your recent trip to the Farmer’s Market.
  15. Go on a Day Trip: Travel close to home. Visit sites in the next town over. Or go on a long car ride.
  16. Go for Bike Ride: Enjoy the sunshine. Before cold weather sets in, get out and ride your bike.
  17. Visit a Local Restaurant or Business: Is there a new cafe, restaurant, or other local business in town? Go check out the establishment. Who knows you may find a new favorite spot.
  18. Be a Hometown Tourist: Visist all the local sites.
  19. Get Organized: Spend time organizing your living space.
  20. Just Relax: There’s no harm in doing absolutely nothing over the Labor Day weekend. Take long naps or sleep in.

Have fun! Enjoy time with family and friends.

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25 Staycation Ideas for a Holiday Weekend

Holiday weekends do not automatically require travel. Staying close to home may be more relaxing than heading out into holiday traffic. Consider the following ideas for fun close to home.

25 Staycation Ideas for a Holiday Weekend

  1. Go hiking
  2. Have a picnic
  3. Host a movie night
  4. Host a game night
  5. Go to the bookstore
  6. Read the book
  7. Have a BBQ
  8. Go to the local park
  9. Attend a free outdoor concert
  10. Have a BBQ
  11. Try a new recipe
  12. Cook a family meal with your children
  13. Bake cookies
  14. Host a craft day
  15. Visit your parent, grandparents or elderly relatives
  16. Volunteer
  17. Spend the afternoon at the beach
  18. Host a bonfire
  19. Be a tourist in your own town
  20. Go to the local Farmer’s Market
  21. Have a girl’s night
  22. Go to the movies
  23. Go to a wine tasting
  24. Find a family event
  25. Do nothing

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate the 3-day holiday weekend, enjoy your time with family and friends.


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