9 Ways to Thank a Veteran

Tomorrow, November 11th is Veterans Day. Are you and your family looking for ways to express your gratitude for the people in uniform? Check out the list below, hopefully, one of the ideas inspires you to thank a veteran.

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  1. Display the United States Flag: Fly the U.S. flag outside your home to show support on Veterans Day.
  2. Go Out to Lunch: Do you personally know a veteran? Offer to take him or her out to lunch. If you know a casual acquaintance who is a vet, but do not feel comfortable going out to lunch, buy a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Not only do you thank a veteran for service, but you also support a local business.
  3. Write a Thank You Note: Send thank you notes to the veterans in your life.
  4. Attend a Community Event: Many communities host parades or other activities to thank local veterans.
  5. Post on Social Media: If you do not know any veterans, post a thank you note to your social media pages.
  6. Send a Care Package: Do you know someone who is currently serving in the military? Send a care package with hometown favorites. If you do not know any sign up to send care packages to a military member who may not receive anything from home.
  7. Volunteer: Numerous non-profit organizations focus on helping homeless veterans. Sign up to volunteer at a local event.
  8. Donate: Send a monetary donation to a local VFW or other reputable organization. Since the holidays are just around the corner, many organizations are collecting to help military personnel and their families.
  9. Say a Prayer: At the next church service, simply say a prayer for all service members.

Happy Veterans Day!

Celebrating Veteran’s Day

Did you know today, November 11th is Veteran’s Day? A federal holiday is more than just getting a day off from work. Veteran’s Day focuses on honoring all who have served in the United States military. Formerly known as Armistice Day, in 1938, the holiday initially was set to honor the end of World War I, which was on November 11, 1918. Moving from Armistice Day to Veteran’s Day in 1954, the holiday included U.S. Veterans from all wars.

How to Celebrate Veteran’s Day

Do you want to participate in celebrating Veteran’s Day? The day is about more than a day off from work. The holiday is about honoring those who have been in the military. The individuals who have stood for freedom during times of conflict and peace.

If you need help trying to find a way to celebrate Veteran’s Day, consider the following ideas:

  • Go Out to Dinner: Ask a Veteran out to eat. Take them to breakfast or dinner. Allow them to pick the spot. Older veterans may enjoy time out of the house.
  • Learn Their Story: Ask Veterans to share stories about the time served in the military. (For instance, a veteran shared the story of the flying tree stump. During his time in Vietnam, they were trying to remove a tree stump from the military base. They decided to use explosives on the stump. The stump blew in the air, landed on the mess hall roof which was tin, and created a loud noise all the way to the ground.)
  • Homemade Treat: Bake a pie, cake, cookies or other delicious treats for your favorite veteran
  • Write a Thank You Note: Write a note of thanks to a veteran. Getting your children involved is a great way to learn about the day.
  • Learn History: Read about the different wars that U.S. Veterans fought. Watch a documentary on the subject.
  • Research Your History: Did you have a family member serve in a war? What one? Learn about the time served. Where was your ancestor sent? The research may provide insight into your family’s personal history.
  • Take Time: Visit your local VA hospital
  • Display Your Military Pride: Fly the U.S. Flag proudly
  • Events: Attend a Veteran’s Day parade or other community activities
  • Give Your Time: Volunteer at a nursing home to spend time with veterans
  • Monetary Donations: Donate money to a cause that focuses on helping Veterans
  • Holiday Help: Adopt a military family for the holidays
  • Care Package Donation: Many organizations accept items to send to military members serving overseas. Donate items or send a package to help celebrate Veteran’s Day.
  • Long Term Commitment: Participate in organizations that write and sponsor military personnel
  • Simple Thank You: An easy way to show your thanks, share your gratitude on your social media pages. Your heartfelt post has the potential to reach more than one veteran.

Regardless of how you celebrate, take the time to honor U.S. Veterans on Veteran’s Day.


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