5 Tips for Pet Safety on Halloween

Throwing a party or trick-or-treating, Halloween is a fun and exciting time for everyone. Including your pets in family activities is a normal part of any type of event. Dogs and cats are valued family members. Following pet safety tips will help your pet be safe throughout all your Halloween activities.

5 Pet Safety Tips on Halloween

During Halloween activities, keep a watchful eye on your pets. Being proactive in pet safety will keep your beloved four-legged companion from an emergency vet visit. Consider the following areas for protecting your pet on Halloween.

Keep Halloween Candy in a Safe Place

Candy, especially chocolate, is a typical Halloween treat. Even though candy is tasty to humans, consuming chocolate can be lethal for pets. Keeping your bowl of candy or your children’s trick-or-treat stash in a safe place is essential for pet safety on Halloween.

Create a Safe Haven for Your Pets

Halloween activities can be noisy. Creating a safe haven for your pet helps reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Crate: If your pet feels comfortable in a crate, allow him or her to retreat to a familiar place.
  • Unused Room: Allow your pet to retreat to an unused room.
  • Bring Pets Indoors: Unfortunately, not everyone respects animals, bring your pets indoors for safety. Many outdoor pets are abused or go missing on Halloween.

Watch Your Door

Handing out candy is a significant part of Halloween. Children (and adults) in costumes can be scary for your dogs or cats. A normally well-behaved dog may try to attack. Keeping your dogs back from the door will protect you, your dog, and your trick-or-treaters. When you’re handing out candy, your cat may slip through an opened door. Watching your door at all times will help keep your pets safe and secure.

Secure Your Halloween Decor

Decorating for Halloween adds extra fun to the holiday. But unsecured decoration can create hazardous situations for your dog or cat.

  • Wires and Cords: Loose cords or cables can quickly become dangerous for your pets. Your four-legged friend can chew or get tangled up. The result could be deadly for your pet.
  • Candles: Lighted candles add atmosphere to your Halloween party. But open flames are a high risk to your pets. Your dog or cat could tip the candle over, causing a fire. Using flameless candles around pets is critical to prevent fires and the possibility of being burned.
  • Glow Sticks: Glow sticks are a popular choice for costumes, pumpkins, and other fun. If your dog chews on a glow stick, the contents can cause sickness. Keep all glow sticks away from your pet.

Dressing Up Your Pet

Be cautious when dressing up your pet for Halloween. Ask yourself, does my pet enjoy the costume? Many pets may become anxious if dressed up. If your pet does like the costume, check the material over to ensure your pet is safe. For example, dangling strings may cause your pet to trip. Your pet may chew on the strings causing sickness or choking.

Keep your Halloween enjoyable by implementing standard safety measures for your pets.

Black Friday Strategies

Black Friday is one of the most competitive selling days for retailers. What does that mean for you, the frugal shopper? A chance to save money on your holiday gift list. Black Friday brings extended shopping hours, early-bird specials, doorbuster, and online sales. Unlimited opportunities are perfect for all of your shopping needs. 

Black Friday Strategies to Get the Most for Your Money

The massive shopping event brings large crowds, long lines, and significant savings. Being prepared is the best way to get the most for your money during Black Friday specials. Consider the following strategies to get the most out of your Black Friday shopping experience. 

Start Early

After you gather your loved ones’ holiday wish lists, begin researching. Learn everyday prices, especially big-ticket items. Electronics, appliances, gaming systems, cameras, and computers often have the best savings opportunities. By knowing the regular price, you can determine which store offers the best deal on Black Friday.

Ads and Apps

Your best resources for saving money on Black Friday are store ads and apps. 

  •  Ads: Use the ads for comparison shopping among different retailers. Most ads will be online before Black Friday. If you cannot find online ads, check your local newspaper for inserts. Remember to take your ads with you when you shop. Many retailers offer a price match guarantee. 
  • Apps: Use downloadable apps to find additional savings. For example,  Slick Deals features coupons, discount codes, coupons, and other ways to save. Using an app on Black Friday allows you to stretch your money further. 

 Favorite Retailers

Do you have a favorite store? Or are you planning to shop at specific retailers on Black Friday? Use their social media and email features to get updates, discount codes, and other chances for further savings. 

  • Bookmark: Use the bookmark feature on your phone or computer to save each of your favorite retailers. By bookmarking each retailer’s website, you can quickly locate the site to view and compare pricing. 
  • Get Social: Take advantage of your social media accounts. Find and follow your favorite retailers on your social network. Numerous retail stores will offer exclusive savings for followers. 
  • Email: Most retailer websites provide you with the option of signing up for email updates. Signing up for emails may result in additional savings. Numerous retailers offer other or special discounts through daily, weekly, or special email updates. 

Use the Buddy System

Do you remember the buddy system in grade school? Use the same idea for Black Friday shopping. 

  • Long Lines: When purchasing big-ticket items, retail stores use lines to keep the crowded areas flowing smooth. If you want more than one deal, ask a friend to stand in another line for you. 
  • Cart Watcher: Moving a cart around a crowded retail store is difficult. When you go shopping with a buddy, one person can watch the cart while another finds the desired item. 
  • Safety: Shopping with a buddy is safer. Even with the extra security, being with another person, enables you to keep a closer watch on your surroundings. 

 Use Black Friday to find the great deals for all your holiday wish list items. Remember to wear comfortable shoes, standing in line is always part of the experience.


Tips for Safe Tailgating

Today, September 7th is National Tailgating Day. Serving a meal around your vehicle at a sporting event is the primary purpose of tailgating. The fall season means football at every level. Attending a football game is a perfect chance to engage in tailgating. Remember, safety is a priority when tailgating with friends and family. 

  • Know the Rules: Before heading out to your local football field, research the rules and restrictions for tailgating. Check out the team’s website for proper protocol on tailgating. Some items may not be permitted.
  • Pack Cooler Correctly: When packing your cooler, remember to use lots of ice or cooling packs. Uncooked meat and other perishable food items need to be kept cold to avoid illness. Keeping things cold is a must. Do not leave food items out in the hot sun. 
  • Grill Responsibly: Watch your charcoal or gas grill at all times. Follow the directions. Pack the grill after cooling down. Grilling responsibly helps protect you, your friends, family, and others in the area. 
  • Know Your Limits: Tailgating is a fun, fall activity. Just remember staying out in the sun while drinking alcoholic beverages can be a bad mix. Use a highly rated sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and limit your alcoholic drinks to avoid sickness. 
  • Designate a Driver: Ask a member of your tailgating party to be the designated driver for a safe return home. 
  • Take Your Time: Allow yourself extra time to leave the parking lot. Leave early or late to avoid mass exit times. Watch for others in the parking, especially children or people who may have been drinking all day. 

With a few precautions, tailgating can be a fun-filled day at your sports stadium. 


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