Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Your Dog

Are you getting ready to do some last-minute shopping? When finding the perfect stocking stuffers, do not forget your dog. Your faithful companion will love the extra attention on Christmas morning.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Dog

  • Ball: A new ball to chase around the yard or at the dog park.
  • Squeaky Toy: Okay, a new squeaky may be annoying for you, but your dog loves the noisy toy.
  • Collar: A new collar to match your dog’s personality. Get a matching leash.
  • Bandana: This inexpensive item comes in numerous colors and designs. You could get your dog one for each day of the week.
  • Treats: Your dog loves treats. Place your four-legged friend’s favorite treats in the stocking or make a batch of homemade ones. Your dog will thank you with lots of kisses.
  • Winter Coat: Are you in a colder climate? Dogs love to be pampered. Buying your dog a winter coat will make outdoor time more fun.
  • Personalized Dog Tag: Get your dog a customized dog tag to ensure a safe return home if lost.

Make Christmas time promises to your dog. For example, to spend extra quality time together through the holiday season. A longer walk or extra cuddle time while binge-watching your favorite show, your dog will enjoy your time together.

Simple Christmas Stockings for Your Dog

Dogs are an essential part of any home. Millions of pet owners treat their four-legged companions as part of the family. Including all of your pets in various activities is a normal part of celebrating. The Christmas season is no exception to the rule.  Dogs and other pets get holiday gifts, Christmas attire, and much more.

When we begin decorating, Christmas stockings are part of the holiday decor. Including your dogs in every aspect of the Christmas season is fun. Placing Christmas stockings for your dogs does not need to be a costly addition to your decorating budget.

Decorating Christmas Stockings for Your Dogs

Start by gathering the necessary materials. Remember, these stockings are for your dogs. You know the best stocking to fit their personalities.

The stockings do not require a lot of items to make.

  • Christmas Stocking of your choice. (Note: I found mine at the Dollar Tree. The price was great. The dog on the front was perfect for this simple craft. They also carry cat ones if anyone wants to make a Christmas stocking for their beloved cats.)

  • Glitter Glue or Fabric Paint
I found this glitter glue at Wal-Mart

Next, simply start outlining the stocking’s features with the glitter glue. Use the glue to write your dogs’ names on each of the stockings.

Outlining the stocking with glitter glue. Use thick lines.

Let dry overnight. Then, hang the stockings as part of your Christmas decor.


100 Ideas for Christmas Stockings

The week before Christmas is generally the busiest. Are you ready? Are the gifts wrapped? Do you have all your stocking stuffers? Check out these 100 stocking stuffer ideas to help find the perfect items for everyone on your list.

100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

  1. Gift cards or phone cards
  2. Rolled quarters decorated with holiday paper and ribbon. (This is great for college kids who do their own laundry).
  3. Lip balm
  4. Hand cream
  5. Makeup bag
  6. Makeup/Perfume
  7. Nail polish
  8. Earrings
  9. Necklaces/Bracelets
  10. Hand sanitizer
  11. Toothbrush
  12. Bubble bath
  13. Bath bombs
  14. Sleep mask
  15. Art pens
  16. Mini sketch pads
  17. Journal
  18. Gel or glitter pens
  19. Pencil sharpener
  20. Pencils
  21. Post it notes
  22. Mini notepads
  23. Booklight
  24. Paperback book
  25. Stickers
  26. Decorative Tape
  27. Crayons
  28. Mini coloring books or activity pads
  29. Markers
  30. Glow sticks
  31. Playdough
  32. Modeling clay
  33. Do-it-yourself craft kits
  34. Water paints
  35. Paintbrushes
  36. Acrylic paint
  37. Mini canvases
  38. Designer scissors
  39. Colorful erasers
  40. Stuffed animals
  41. Mini Lego sets
  42. Trading cards
  43. Calculator
  44. Jump rope
  45. Yo-yo
  46. Bubbles
  47. Toy cars
  48. Water bottle
  49. Coffee mug
  50. Hair brushes
  51. Combs
  52. Travel sized hair products
  53. Hair ties and accessories
  54. Mittens or gloves
  55. Hats
  56. Scarves
  57. Slippers
  58. Festive socks
  59. Earmuffs or headband
  60. Golf balls
  61. Golf Tees
  62. Magnifying glass
  63. Small photo frames with or without a picture
  64. Mini photo books
  65. Keychains
  66. Car air fresheners
  67. Earbuds
  68. Concert or community event tickets
  69. Movie tickets
  70. Lottery scratch off
  71. Theme park tickets
  72. Monthly subscription to Netflix or Hulu
  73. Favorite magazine or note of a new subscription to the magazine
  74. Comic book
  75. Temporary tattoos
  76. Small figurines or action figures
  77. SD cards
  78. USB Flash drives
  79. Carphone charger
  80. Fidget spinner
  81. Wallet or money clip
  82. Desk supplies including colorful paperclips, stapler, and staples
  83. Bath time toys
  84. Eyeglass cleaning kit
  85. Sunglasses
  86. Flameless candles
  87. Votive candles
  88. Christmas ornament (Make this a yearly tradition)
  89. Trail mix packs
  90. Microwave popcorn packs
  91. Hot cocoa packets
  92. Lifesavers
  93. Fruit snacks
  94. Variety packs of crackers
  95. Cookies
  96. Snack-sized packages of chips
  97. Bubblegum
  98. Breath Mints
  99. Jerky
  100. Christmas themed candy, Candy Canes, and Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs