Christmas 2022: The Extra Christmas Stocking

The Christmas season is here! Are you ready to spread joy with family and friends? The holidays can be tough financially, mentally, and spiritually. If you feel a sense of gratitude for everything in your life, consider sharing with others.

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Christmas is a great time to give.  As you attend Christmas church services, participate in social gatherings with your family, and other community events, think about all the people around you.  Do they need extra kindness this Christmas?

For many, filling Christmas stockings with goodies is a major part of the holiday celebrations. As you begin to play the honorary role of Santa Claus, consider making an extra Christmas stocking to share with others. One simple act of kindness at Christmas can create a positive impact on someone’s whole holiday season.

Are you wondering who may need a filled Christmas stocking? Consider all the people; you encounter daily. If you still wondering who to put on your list, consider the following people for an extra Christmas stocking.

  • Friends: Yes, you can make adult-themed Christmas stockings with a nice bottle of wine or lots of high-quality chocolate.
  • Extended Family Members: Do you know an older relative who is living alone? Or perhaps, do you have elderly neighbors who always greet you with a smile? Surprise them with a Christmas stocking filled with goodies.
  • Children: Do you know a family who is struggling? Are they able to give Christmas stockings? Giving a child a Christmas stocking creates a lasting memory. (Remember you may need to ask permission to give a child a Christmas stocking. Some foods and toys may not be allowed.) Leave the Christmas stocking somewhere special with a note from Santa Claus.
  • Teacher: The pandemic, health guidelines, switching between online and in-person learning, teachers are remarkable and deserving of an extra Christmas stocking
  • Bus Driver: Every day, you trust the bus driver to get your child safely to school. The person deserves a special Christmas treat.
  • Childcare Provider: High-quality childcare providers are in demand. If you are lucky enough to find a great person to care for your child, brighten the provider’s day with an extra Christmas stocking.
  • Dog Walker: Rain or shine your dog walker is always on time to take your precious four-legged friend for a walk. For added fun, make the extra Christmas stocking a gift from your dog.
  • Your Dog’s Pal: When you go to the dog park, does your dog always find the same pal? Give your dog’s pal an extra Christmas stocking filled with doggie treats and toys (and you can give one to the owner).
  • Customer Service Representative: An extra Christmas stocking for the bagger at the grocery store, the waitress at the local cafe, or the barista who always gets your morning order correct. Or the friendly cashier who always seems to be happy.

The Christmas season is a great time for giving gifts. A Christmas stocking filled with holiday-themed goodies is an easy way to spread joy. Merry Christmas!

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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