February Drawing Prompts


Why draw? Spending time drawing enhances creativity, reduces stress, improves coordination, and boosts self-esteem. February is the perfect time to create. Dust off your drawing pencils or buy new ones. Keep in mind, expensive supplies are not required to begin. Buying basic number two pencils and drawing paper at your local dollar store is a great way to start. If you some inspiration, check out the following drawing prompts for February.

  1. Self-portrait (Be nice to yourself)
  2. Ground Hog
  3. Clouds
  4. Eyes
  5. Mythical Creature
  6. Patterns
  7. Football
  8. Winter Trees
  9. Silhouette
  10. Mittens, Hat, & Scarf
  11. Flowers
  12. Love
  13. Hearts
  14. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  15. Ice Skates
  16. Hot Beverage
  17. Fire Place or Bon Fire
  18. Gnome
  19. Window Scene
  20. Insect
  21. Snowflakes
  22. Dinosaur
  23. Bird
  24. Animal
  25. Hands
  26. Spirals
  27. Sun
  28. Food

How to Celebrate National Cartoonists Day

Did you know today, May 5th, 2020, is National Cartoonists Day? Who do you think of when you hear the word cartoonist? Over the years, many great artists put their ink on paper to create memorable cartoons. Politics, superheroes, animals, family, and other characters show up on television, in newspapers, and online. Charles M. Shultz, the creator of the Peanuts, Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel), Walt Disney, Matt Groening, the creator of the Simpsons, Al Capp, the creator of Lil Abner, are generally at the top of the list when people think about cartoonists.

How to Celebrate National Cartoonists Day?

Are you wondering how you and your family can celebrate National Cartoonists Day? Check out the list below for inspiration.

  • Watch Cartoons: If you are old enough, you may remember getting up early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons. Well, you can celebrate National Cartoonists Day, the same way-watch cartoons. Relive childhood memories with your family. Make special snacks or host an indoor picnic.
  • Draw: Creating your own cartoon character is one of the best ways to celebrate National Cartoonists Day. With the stay at home guidelines and other restrictions, you have lots of material. For example, your cartoon creation could be your cat or dog. Write about daily events from your pet’s point of view.
  • Comic Strip: Turn your drawing into a comic strip to share on your social media page. Create four or five boxes of illustrations to bring your cartoon character alive. Or if you want to use a notebook to create an entire comic book.
  • Story: If you do not create a comic strip, consider writing a story about your cartoon character. Even younger children can participate. You will just need to write out the story. Who knows, a simple art project involving a cartoon character may turn into a lasting memory to use down the road.

Celebrating National Cartoonists Day is easy with a little imagination.


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