Benefits of Apple Picking

Noticeable signs of the start of the fall season are all around. Warmer days turn into cool, crisp nights. Leaves are slowly beginning to transform into bright, bursting colors. The official start date of autumn will be here in a couple of weeks. Even though garden harvests are coming to an end, apple season is just beginning. Many orchards allow apple picking. The benefits of apple picking go beyond delicious fruit. 

Get Outdoors

Back to school activities, sports, work, and other commitments quickly take time out of your week. Set aside a day or afternoon to venture out into an apple orchard. Enjoy the sunshine. Walk around the orchard. Being outdoors is good for your physical and mental health. 


Going to an apple orchard gives you and your loved ones a chance to step away from electronic devices. Walking through an orchard can provide a nostalgic feeling. Orchards are a connection to the past. Old apple trees, apple picking, and cider pressing give a glimpse of past generations. 

Valuable Lesson

Picking apples is a useful lesson for children. The activity shows how the fruit is grown. The apple picking outing allows the fruit to go from the tree to your table. 

Best Fruit

Picking your own apples provides you with the opportunity to find the best fruit for you and your family. 

Enjoy Other Activities

Apple orchards may offer different activities for you and your family to enjoy. Wagon rides, cider pressing, corn mazes, and other hosted events turn apple picking into a memorable adventure. 

Apple varieties become ripe at different times throughout the fall season. Calling ahead or checking your local orchard’s website is ideal. Make plans for a family outing. The best benefit of apple picking is eating your harvest.

Apple Pie Day

Today, May 13, 2017, is Apple Pie Day. Sounds like the perfect type of unofficial holiday for me. Actually, apple pie is one my father’s favorite desserts, coming in second only to pumpkin pie. Years ago, I use to work in a bakery. From traditional the traditional apple pie to the extra sweet caramel apple pie, the variety of apple pies were always a hit.

The history of apple pie may surprise you. Apple pies actually date back to the time of Chaucer in the 14th century. The pie had unique ingredients including, good apples, spices, figs, raisins and pears, cofryn as a crust type layer with saffron to add coloring to the mixture.

Today’s apple pies are completely different with Dutch Apple, Dutch Apple Pie Cheesecake, Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie, and more. Personally, I like the traditional apple pie especially when the piece of pie is still warm. Add vanilla ice cream as a topping, I am completely satisfied.

Regardless of the type, the main ingredient remains the same: good apples. Depending on the availability, I usually use Granny Smith or Honey Crisp.  But I know other people prefer to use Empires.

So tell me what type of apple pie do you prefer?


Happy Apple Pie Day!

Until next time….peace



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