Celebrating Easter at Home

Celebrating Easter at home may not have been your original plan. Yes, the big family gatherings will not happen this year. Canceled Easter Egg hunts, church services, and other events are inevitable. The pandemic brings changes to protect your health.  But there are still numerous ways to make Easter special.

Start by turning off the news. Unplug from your devices. Set your cell phone to vibrate. Simply enjoy the quality time with the ones you love.

Make a Family Meal

Dust off your baking skills and cook a homemade family meal to enjoy together. Do not forget dessert. Bake some cookies or other special treats to celebrate Easter. When baking, ask your children to help. Even younger children can help pour, measure, or stir the batter. The quality time will turn into a lasting memory. For added fun, decorate the table together.

Do you want to do something different than a traditional Easter meal?

  • Pull out the grill and BBQ for Easter.
  • If the weather is warm, consider an outdoor picnic. Or set up a picnic in your living room.
  • Order from a local restaurant. Many food establishments are still open for delivery and curbside pickup.

Dress Up for a Family Photo

Most cameras come with a self-timer, which is perfect for a family photo. Dress up in your Sunday best. Yes, you can take off your good clothes after the picture. The photo will be a lasting reminder of celebrating Easter at home.

Set Up a Photo Booth

 Using a sheet, tablecloth, or bare spot on the wall for background creates an instant photo booth. Pull out hats, scarves, beaded jewelry, and other accessories to add to the fun. Use a poster board, index cards, or construction paper to make photo props. Bunny ears, an Easter 2020 sign, mustache, big smiles, or glasses are easy to make. Place your prop cut-outs on wooden dowels, popsicle sticks, or hold with a clip clothespin.

Dye Easter Eggs

Even if you do not have any Easter dye, you still can color eggs. Use food coloring, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, and boiling water to make a color mixture of your choice. Stir the solution, allow the contents to cool, and dye your eggs.

Listen to a Church Service

Numerous churches are hosting services online. Listen to an Easter service before starting your day. The words may bring you comfort and joy this Easter season.

Do Easter Crafts

Spend the afternoon, crafting as a family. Do not know where to start? Pinterest has numerous ideas for Easter crafting.

  • Paint or Draw an Easter scene
  • Cut out Easter eggs from construction paper or plain paper to design.
  • Make collages out of everyday materials, including cotton balls, magazine pictures, cloth scraps, etc.
  • Paint Easter eggs.
  • Make placemats for your meal.

Call Loved Ones

Easter is definitely different this year with social distancing and self-isolating. But, you still can keep in touch with loved ones. Call, text, message, or video chat with friends and family.


Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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