Low Cost (or Free) Activities for Family Summer Fun

The school year is finally winding down. Warmer weather is the perfect time to engage in family activities. Do you need ideas for summer family fun for both sunny and rainy days? Check out the following list.

Rainy Day Activity Ideas

Rainy days do not need to be boring. Checking the weather ahead of time will help you plan for your rainy day fun.

  • Family Movie Night: Pick a movie, make pizza, or make popcorn.
  • Board Game Night: Video games are fun. But for a night, unplug from technology and host a board game night. Make snacks, make root beer floats, and enjoy each others’ conversation as you play games.
  • Go to Your Local Library: Check out the latest summer books, movies or other media. Most libraries host summer reading clubs or other events. Participating in a group is the perfect way to meet new friends while learning.
  • Craft Day: Check out Pinterest for summer craft ideas. Many craft supplies may be found at your local dollar store. Picking up a wide variety of craft items is a low-cost alternative for a rainy day.
  • Summer Journal: Summers go by fast. Set aside time to write. Even a local stop can easily turn into a page in your scrapbook. Jot down information about the place. Add pictures, stickers, and other memorabilia to your summer scrapbook. On a rainy day, relax and relieve the memory.
  • Summer Bucket List: Create a summer bucket list. Write down all the activities for you and family to enjoy over the warmer months.

Outdoor Activities 

Unplugging from your electrical devices may be necessary to recharge. Keep in mind; switching your mobile device is advisable. You may never know when an emergency may arise.

  • Nature Walk: Go for a nature walk. Look for summer birds, flowers blooming, and other wildlife. Take pictures. Just simply enjoy the sights and sounds of being outdoors.
  • Go Hiking: State and national parks have hiking trails available for the beginner to the expert hiker. Many trails are pet-friendly. Your dog will enjoy the change of scenery.
  • Go Geocaching: Geocaching is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Host a BBQ: Invite friends or extended family members to a BBQ.
  • Bonfire Night: Sitting around a bonfire is a great way to spend a summer evening. Make s’mores. Look at the stars. Chase fireflies.
  • Go Dog Walking: Walking your dog is a perfect exercise for both of you. If you do not have a dog of your own, many local dog rescues or shelters need volunteers to walk adoptable dogs. Who knows maybe you will find your new best friend.
  • Local Tourist: Be a hometown tourist for a day. When was the last time, you visited your local museum, art gallery, or other tourist sites?
  • Go to the Splash Park:  Splash parks or splash pads are a great activity to beat the summer heat. Pack a lunch and enjoy an afternoon outdoors.
  • Attend a Free Outdoor Concert/Movie Night: Many communities host numerous community events in the summer. Make an outdoor concert or a movie in the park part of your weekend fun.

Summertime activities can easily turn into long-lasting memories for your family or friends. Enjoy your time together.


How to Celebrate International Bat Appreciation Day

Today, April 17th is International Bat Appreciation Day. Myths and urban legends often give bats a bad reputation. Bats are actually interesting creatures. A single bat can feast on a meal of 100 mosquitoes in just an hour’s time.

Celebrating Bat Appreciation Day

So how do you celebrate a day dedicated to a bat? Consider the ideas below.

  • Go to the Library or Local Book Store: Finding books about bats will help you learn about the species, behavior, habitat, and more.
  • Watch a Documentary about Bats: Check out Netflix, YouTube or other streaming resources for a program about bats. National Geographic and PBS are generally two top resources for nature documentaries.
  • Go to Your Local Zoo: Behind the protective glass, many zoos have different bats for viewing. The zoo or local wildlife rehabilitation center may have programs for viewing bats up close.
  • Write a Child’s Story Focused on a Bat: Do you need help getting started? A quick writing prompt is “the lonely little bat” or “the bat found a new home”. If you are having a problem with writing out a story, ask your child to make one up. Younger children may require your help in writing down the words. The quick story can easily turn into a lasting memory.
  • Do Bat-Themed Crafts: An easy craft is a collage. Simply cut out a bat shape on a piece of black construction paper. Allow your child to glue different materials to the bat. For example, add googly eyes, sequins, pompoms, yarn pieces, etc. Painting or using chalk on the construction paper bat is another way. Ask your child about the bat masterpiece.

The best way to celebrate Bat Appreciation Day is by having fun. Learn about the bats. Engage in a bat-themed family activity. Just remember, allow professionals to handle bats if you find one in your home or business.

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