How to Celebrate International Bat Appreciation Day

Today, April 17th is International Bat Appreciation Day. Myths and urban legends often give bats a bad reputation. Bats are actually interesting creatures. A single bat can feast on a meal of 100 mosquitoes in just an hour’s time.

Celebrating Bat Appreciation Day

So how do you celebrate a day dedicated to a bat? Consider the ideas below.

  • Go to the Library or Local Book Store: Finding books about bats will help you learn about the species, behavior, habitat, and more.
  • Watch a Documentary about Bats: Check out Netflix, YouTube or other streaming resources for a program about bats. National Geographic and PBS are generally two top resources for nature documentaries.
  • Go to Your Local Zoo: Behind the protective glass, many zoos have different bats for viewing. The zoo or local wildlife rehabilitation center may have programs for viewing bats up close.
  • Write a Child’s Story Focused on a Bat: Do you need help getting started? A quick writing prompt is “the lonely little bat” or “the bat found a new home”. If you are having a problem with writing out a story, ask your child to make one up. Younger children may require your help in writing down the words. The quick story can easily turn into a lasting memory.
  • Do Bat-Themed Crafts: An easy craft is a collage. Simply cut out a bat shape on a piece of black construction paper. Allow your child to glue different materials to the bat. For example, add googly eyes, sequins, pompoms, yarn pieces, etc. Painting or using chalk on the construction paper bat is another way. Ask your child about the bat masterpiece.

The best way to celebrate Bat Appreciation Day is by having fun. Learn about the bats. Engage in a bat-themed family activity. Just remember, allow professionals to handle bats if you find one in your home or business.

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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