March Photo Prompts

March brings St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Equinox, and much more. The warmer weather presents a perfect opportunity to get out and take pictures. Do you need some inspiration? Check out the following photo prompts.

  1. Selfie (The first day of the month calls for a new selfie or two)
  2. Out Your Window
  3. 9 am
  4. Flags
  5. Texture
  6. Sun Flare
  7. Reflections
  8. Distance
  9. Up Close
  10. Dusk
  11. Love
  12. Back Roads
  13. Landscape
  14. Light
  15. Warm and Fuzzy
  16. Green
  17. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
  18. Angles
  19. Friendship
  20. Spring
  21. Flowers
  22. Nature
  23. Signs
  24. Patterns
  25. Street
  26. Similar
  27. Different
  28. Full Moon
  29. Silhouette
  30. Abstract
  31. Edible

March Journal Writing Prompts

Are you currently thinking about starting a journal? Do you need a little inspiration to help you get started? Keeping a journal is an effective tool to learn about yourself, express your emotions, and keep detailed memories of the day’s events.

Writing Prompts for March

  1. What would you like to accomplish this month?
  2. Describe your current view include as many details as possible.
  3. What is your worst habit? Are you taking steps to change the habit? What do you plan to do?
  4. What do you think makes a good friendship? Who is your best friend? Who was your best  friend?
  5. List 10 things you would tell your younger self. List 10 things you would like to tell your future self.
  6. What is your inspiration?
  7. Write goals for the future include 3 months from now, 6 months, a year, five years, etc.
  8. What hobby would you like to try? Why? What do you need to start?
  9. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
  10. Could you live without the use of the Internet or cell phone? Why or why not?
  11. What would you like to learn how to do? Why?
  12. Write down a funny memory from this past week? Who was involved? Why did you find the situation funny?
  13. Do you have a current worry? Why does it bother you? What can you do to ease your worries?
  14. What holiday do you enjoy most? Why?
  15. Describe a recent dream. Who was in the dream? What do you think the dream means?
  16. Describe a normal day for you. Using the same day, write from your pet’s point of view.
  17. What does St. Patrick’s Day mean to you? Are you celebrating? What are you doing?
  18. Write down your favorite childhood memory. Why does this event mean so much to you?
  19. Write a letter to give to your children their 18th birthday or graduation day. Or write a letter to give to yourself in 10 years, 15 years, or 20 years.
  20. Celebrate the first day of spring by writing a bucket list for the season.
  21. Describe a movie or book character that inspires you.
  22. Describe your idea for perfect weekend? Is the goal achievable? Why or why not?
  23. Do you prefer to watch the sunrise or sunset? Why?
  24. What is your favorite time of day? Why?
  25. List 15 things that bring you joy.
  26. What is your vision for the future? Remember to include yourself, your significant other, your children or pets in your plan.
  27. How did or do you view yourself as a student, employee, a parent or other role in your life?
  28. If you could meet one famous person from the past, who would you pick? Why?
  29. What era would you have liked to live in? Why?
  30. Describe a book or movie recommendation. Why did you like your choice?
  31. What are you looking forward to in April? Why?




March Photo Prompt Ideas

March brings St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring, and warmer weather for northern regions. Documenting your month in pictures is a fun project to share with friends and family. Do not let your photo inspirations set unseen in your phone or camera card, print them. Make a scrapbook and enjoy your outlook on life for the month of March.

Photo Ideas for March

  1. Selfie (always start the month with a new selfie)
  2. Current view
  3. Closet object
  4. Trees
  5. Community view
  6. Relaxation
  7. Current mood
  8. Messy
  9. Something up close
  10. Light
  11. Happy place
  12. Food
  13. Weather
  14. Creativity
  15. Something green
  16. Shamrocks, rainbows, leprechauns, or a pot of gold
  17. St. Patrick’s Day fun
  18. Friendship
  19. Outside
  20. Spring
  21. Flowers
  22. Yellow
  23. Pet or wild animal
  24. Sunset or sunrise
  25. Something far away
  26. Skyscape or waterscape
  27. Favorite snack
  28. What’s currently out your window?
  29. Friday night fun
  30. Nostalgia or favorite memory
  31. Favorite color

Have fun with March’s photo ideas. Create a personalized hashtag to share with friend and family. Or consider making a group on social media for everyone to share individual photo inspirations for the month.

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