Rebecca’s Journal Writing Prompts for February

The second month of 2020 is here. Are you ready to continue or start your journal writing? Do you need some inspiration? Try out the following journal writing prompts for February.

  1. Did you accomplish everything on your goal list in January? What was your biggest obstacle or achievement from last month?
  2. What goals do you have for February?
  3. Describe an activity that brings you complete joy?
  4. List the 3 top things in your life right now that you are grateful for.
  5. What quote from a book or movie brings you the most inspiration? Why?
  6. What do you do for self-care? Why is this activity so important for your overall well-being?
  7. What do you do to show kindness to others?
  8. Who is your current role model? Why is this person important to you?
  9. How do you define love? For your significant other? Family? Friends?
  10. What was your first date like? How old were you? Did you end the night with a kiss?
  11. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?
  12. What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date? Family time?
  13. Did you have Valentine’s Day party at your school during your childhood? Did you hand out Valentine’s cards to your classmates? What was your favorite part of the celebration?
  14. Describe you Valentine’s Day in detail.
  15. What obstacle is holding you back from moving forward with improving your self. How can you overcome it?
  16. Describe your entire day in complete detail. What were you doing at 9 am? Noon? 4 pm?  7 pm? Or at bedtime?
  17. What is your definition of happiness?
  18. If you could change your current job to your dream career, what would you do? Why?
  19. What can you do to improve the environment? What changes do you need to make in your daily routine to help the planet?
  20. Write a letter to your childhood friend. What makes your friendship so memorable? (It’s entirely up to you if you want to send it or not).
  21. Visualize your life in a year, 5 years, 10 years. Write your vision in detail.
  22. Who is your current celebrity crush? Who was your celebrity crush as a teenager? How have your tastes changed? Why did you pick the celebrity?
  23. What is your greatest fear for yourself? Your family? Your friends? How can you overcome the fear?
  24. What was your favorite cartoon as a child? Why did you like the program?
  25. If you could have lunch with any person living or dead, who would you pick? Why?
  26. If you could meet any person or character from a book, who would you pick? Why?
  27. What is one personal achievement that makes you proud? Why?
  28. What do you want to achieve in the next ten months of 2020?
  29. Leap Day-What did you do with your extra day in 2020?

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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