What Are Christmas Crackers?

A British tradition,  Christmas crackers are traceable back to Victorian times. Tom Smith, a confectioner, began adding romantic poems to his bonbons. He would twist the wrapping around the sugary treat with the poem inside. Generally, only men would buy the almond-flavored bonbons to give to women as a romantic gesture.

Sitting by a crackling fire one night, Tom Smith came up with the idea to add the snap sound to the bonbon treats. Eventually, the bonbon name was set aside for the Christmas cracker or Cosaques. The novelty of the Christmas cracker was successful.

The Christmas crackers are colorfully decorated tubes filled with small items. Typically the cracker contains a paper hat, a joke or motto, and a small gift. The jokes inside the crackers are usually ridiculous.

When pulling on the cracker, generally two people tug at each end, a little snap occurs. The fun novelty item is perfect for any holiday celebration.

Homemade Christmas Crackers

Yes, you can make your own Christmas crackers.

  • Use paper tubes.
  • Fill inside with goodies. (When you make your own, you can fill the tubes with age-appropriate items. For example, for adults, you could add one dollar lottery tickets or miniature bottles of alcohol. For teenagers, consider adding lip balms, USBs, or small usable items.)
  • Wrap with tissue paper, cloth, or wrapping paper.
  • Secure the ends with string
  • Decorate with individual names or other items

Did You Know?

In the U.K. on December 20, 2001, the children, staff, and parents at Ley Hill School and Pre-School, Chesham presented the world’s largest Christmas cracker. The cracker measured 207 feet long and 13 feet around. Now, that was a Christmas cracker with a loud bang.

Many design Christmas crackers to promote a business. Using company themed items, the Christmas crackers are given away with logos or other designs on the small trinkets inside.

Millionaire Christmas crackers contain expensive jewelry. The specially made bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are given at fancy parties as extravagant gifts.

Whether you make your own or buy Christmas crackers, add them to your holiday party list. Enjoy the party favors at your next gathering.




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