15 Children’s Books to Read on National Sea Serpent Day

Today, August 7, 2022, is National Sea Serpent Day. Are you searching for children’s books to celebrate the day? Check out the following list for inspiration on books to read for National Sea Serpent Day.

Please note: As an Amazon affiliate, I earn income on qualifying purchases.

  1. Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent by Bill Peet (1982)
  2. The Sea Serpent and Me by Dashka Slater (2008)
  3. Discovering Sharlie – Case of the Missing Sea Serpent by Craig Vroom (2015)
  4. Sepron the Sea Serpent (Beast Quest #2) by Adam Blade
  5. Sea Serpents Don’t Juggle Water Balloons (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, #46) by Debbie Dadey (2002)
  6. Sammy the Sea Serpent: Looking for Treasure by Elayne Shore
  7. Six Silly Sea-Serpents by Jackie Smith, Ph.D., (2022)
  8. Loch Ness Monster: Scotland’s Sea Serpent (Creatures of Legend) by Elizabeth Andrews (2022)
  9. Burkley and the Beasts: The Sea Serpent by Tiffany Smith
  10. The Great Sea Serpent (Hans Christian Andersen’s Stories) by H.C. Andersen
  11. The Singing Serpent by Catherine Jones Payne (2022)
  12. The Monster In Creeps Head Bay: Is There Really a Sea Serpent in Creeps Head Bay? By Mel Gilden (2021)
  13. The Serpent’s Nest: Young Captain Nemo by Jason Henderson
  14. The Sea Serpent’s Daughter: A Brazilian Legend (Legends of the World) by Margaret H. Lippert (1993)
  15. Lucas and Nellie: The Tale of the Lake Dardanelle Serpent by Stanley Lombardo

Happy reading!

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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