Celebrating Christmas in July

Social distancing, the news, and other regular commitments add stress and worry to daily living. Taking the time to celebrate whimsical, unofficial holidays gives you a chance to relax. Celebrating Christmas in July is all about having fun in the middle of summer. A small taste of Christmas bliss may be an added blessing.

The history of celebrating Christmas in July seems unclear with different versions of the beginning. For the most part, the origin of the unofficial celebration began at a Keystone Camp in 1933 in Brevard, North Carolina. The two-day event, July 24 and 25, had all the holiday trimmings, including Santa Claus (Milbrand, 2020). Over time, Christmas in July has grown to include marketing campaigns, festivals, movies, and much more.

How to Celebrate Christmas in July

Celebrating Christmas in July can be a smaller version of your regular holiday activities. Do you need some inspiration on how to celebrate Christmas in July? Check out the following.

  • Watch Movies: Enjoy your seasonal favorites twice a year. Watch Christmas movies or cartoons, Make the activity part of your regular family night.
  • Elf on the Shelf: Is the Elf on the Shelf part of your holiday celebration? Bring him or her out as a mid-year check-in.
  • Bake: Make seasonal holiday treats. Christmas cookies are a great addition to family night.
  • Send Cards: No, they do not need to be Christmas cards, just the sentiment of thinking of you and wishing you well.
  • Decorate: Include some holiday decorations to celebrate Christmas in July. You can either pull out all of your Christmas decorations or hang a few twinkle lights as a more subtle way to celebrate.
  • Family Meal: Make the traditional Christmas family meal or host a BBQ to enjoy the summer season.
  • Do Crafts: Make wreaths, ornaments, or other seasonal items. The best part, put these items away to decorate at Christmas.
  • Exchange Gifts: When giving gifts as part of your Christmas in July celebrations, think stocking stuffers. Small, inexpensive gifts for your child to use. Also, do not forget the dog.

Celebrating Christmas in July provides you with a chance to prepare for the holiday season. Use the mid-summer celebration as a template of the activities you want to do at Christmas time.



Milbrand, Lisa. (2020). https://www.realsimple.com/holidays-entertaining/holidays/christmas-in-july

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