National Ice Cream Day

Did you know Sunday, July 19th is National Ice Cream Day? So, how do you celebrate? Eat ice cream, of course.

Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. If you need some helpful hints, check out the following.

  • Go Out for Ice Cream: Due to social distancing, many ice cream establishments allow for drive-thru service only. But you still can get your favorite flavors. Grab an ice cream cone, banana split, sundae, or your favorite flavors in a bowl to enjoy. If there’s a park close by, enjoy your choice while sitting in nature. After you finished, walk the paths and have fun being outdoors.
  • Create a Sundae Bar: Hos ta special Sunday afternoon treat for your family by creating a sundae bar. Pick up your favorite gallon of ice cream. Next, add a variety of toppings, including whip cream, sprinkles, nuts, candies, and flavored syrups. Finally, begin the creative process of making the perfect bowl of ice cream.
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches: If you want a more straightforward approach to celebrating National Ice Cream Day, eat ice cream sandwiches. The chocolate cookie filled with ice cream is a perfect treat. For younger children, you can always cut the ice cream sandwich into two smaller pieces.
  • Ice Cream Floats: Vanilla ice cream and root beer are two traditional float favorites. But, you can experiment with your favorite flavors to find the perfect combination to enjoy on National Ice Cream Day.
Vanilla Ice Cream and Orange Soda
  • Your Favorites: Often, after a long day, a little splurging is necessary to relax. Scroop a bowl of your favorite flavor of ice cream and binge-watch a television series or movie.

Whether you go all out with a massive ice cream sundae creation or simply enjoy your favorite, celebrate National Ice Cream Day. Often, small celebrations turn into the biggest memories.

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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