National Sugar Cookie Day

Did you know today, July 9th is National Sugar Cookie Day? What is the best way to celebrate Sugar Cookie Day? Make cookies. Sugar cookies are often a holiday treat, especially around Christmas. But with everyone staying close to home these days, making a batch of sugar cookies is a great afternoon activity.

Dating back to the mid-1700s, the sugar cookie was a creation of German Protestant settlers in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. First known as the Nazareth Cookie, the original was crumbly, buttery, and round. Today, bakers take great pride in creating masterpiece designs out of sugar cookie dough.

If you don’t have a personal sugar cookie recipe, check out Pinterest, the wonderful go-to site. Basically, sugar cookies consist of common pantry ingredients including sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla, butter, and baking powder. Decorating and designing sugar cookies are the best part.

Take a moment, enjoy National Sugar Cookie Day. The tasty treat can easily be part of a family fun night. Board games anyone?



(2020). National Sugar Cookie Day.

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