How to Make a Christmas Organization Notebook

Staying organized during the holiday season is essential. Making a Christmas organization notebook is one of the best ways to keep all your information in one place. Fill the pages with Christmas card lists, recipes, gift ideas, grocery lists, receipts, and much more.

I begin the Christmas Organization Notebook by decorating. When I write out my lists or tape return addresses inside to use later, I want a festive and fun covering. Make the notebook part of your holiday crafts.

Making a Christmas Organization Notebook

Each Christmas Organization Notebook is a personal process. Decorate or leave plain, the choice is up to you. The idea of the notebook is convenience. When you are sipping your morning coffee, you can glance through the notebook to add or cross off items. I leave mine on the end table. When I am relaxing in the evening, I write down what I would like to accomplish the following day. Or add to lists that I need to finish before Christmas gatherings.

Materials I Used:

  • Christmas Cloth (I buy the pre-cut pieces at Wal-Mart. At $1.47, the price is right for simple crafts.)
  • Composition Notebook (I love these notebooks. They are inexpensive with a sturdy cover.)
  • Construction Paper
  • An Envelope ( I actually used an old one)
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Embleshiment
  • Hot-Glue Gun
The basic materials for your Christmas Organization Notebook

Measure and cut the cloth to fit around the notebook. Leave room to fold the fabric over to glue down.

Cut the fabric piece to fit around your notebook

Before gluing the fabric down on the inside, cover the inside with construction paper. This step is optional. I like using the green and red construction paper to add to the Christmas theme.

Construction paper covers up the inside information.

Next, begin gluing. Before careful, the contents are hot. There is a reason for the name hot glue gun. When folding the fabric over to glue, you will need to cut the middle to allow the cloth to lay flat.

Next, glue the envelope in the back. I like having one place for all my shopping receipts. Placing them in the envelope, allows me to keep track of spending. I have the receipts on hand in case I need to return anything.

An envelope for the receipts.

Finally, add your embellishments. Since my fabric had snowflakes, I added a large snowflake to front of my Christmas Organization Notebook. I wrote in the year. I keep my notebooks as resources for the following year.


I record my purchases in the notebook. I can look back to see what I bought each person on my list. This way I know I do not purchase similar items the following year.

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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