Go For a Ride Day

Did you know today, November 22, is Go For a Ride Day? Whether you ride a train, bike, scooter, horse, motorcycle, unicycle, or drive a vehicle, go for a ride. Step away from your computer or other technological devices and get outdoors.

How to Celebrate Go For a Ride Day

The unofficial holiday, Go for a Ride Day, focuses on being mobile. Simply get moving. If you do not have the time today, celebrate Go For a Ride Day over the weekend. Do you need different ideas on how to celebrate Go for a Ride Day? Consider the following.

  • Different Route: Whether you out running errands or coming home from work, take a different route. Enjoy the scenery. Discover new areas within your city or hometown.
  • Take a Scenic Ride: Spend some quality time with your family or friends. Pack a lunch. Simply go for a ride without any real destination in mind. Do not forget to take your dog alone. After a long week of busy schedules,  your favorite four-legged companion will enjoy the extra quality time with you.
  • Ride a Train: When was the last time you rode a train for fun? Gather your family together for a memorable experience. During the holiday season, many train companies offer a Polar Express experience.
  • Go for a Bicycle Ride: If weather permits, go for a bike ride. A family bike ride is a wonderful way to celebrate Go for a Ride Day.
  • Visit a Riding Stable: Have you ever wanted to ride a horse? Visit a riding stable to learn the basics. Riding stables have well-trained horses, which are great for first-time riders. After learning the basics, you can ride your horse through paths around the stables.

Regardless of how you pick to celebrate Go For a Ride Day, have fun and enjoy the activities.

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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