Read A Book Day

Did you know September 6th is an unofficial holiday called Read A Book Day? For avid book enthusiasts, reading a book may be part of a daily routine. Celebrating Read A Book Day provides an extra chance to indulge. Books give readers a chance to escape into a different realm, attend a magical school, go back in time, and much more. Use Read A Book Day as an excuse to get lost in a new novel (or reread an old favorite). 

Visit the Library

Visit your local library for a new book selection. Libraries often display new releases. Ask the librarian for an idea of a newly released book to read. Librarians are valuable resources. Do not be afraid to ask the librarian questions.

Go to Your Local Book Store

Stop by your local book store to pick up a new book or two to read. Browse the aisles of your favorite book store. Often display or book covers will catch your eye. Providing you a chance to learn about a new series of books. Independently owned book stores often display or host local authors. You may find a book by local artists that interest you. 

Read in a Different Location

Do you usually read on your couch under a blanket? Yes, the same location to read for Read A Book Day is excellent. But consider reading somewhere else. 

  • Go outdoors to lounge in a lawn chair. 
  • Head to your local cafe. Enjoy a latte while you read your recent book find. 
  • Read on your lunch hour.
  • Spread out a blanket and read while sitting under a tree. 
  • Make a special snack to enjoy while reading. (Yes, you may go back to your comfy couch).

Read Out Loud

Read a book out loud to your children, grandchildren, or an elderly family member. (Yes, you may read to your dog if you want). Sharing the experience will make Read A Book Day more memorable. 

Read A Book Day is about reading a book. Unplug from your electronic devices and enjoy the comforts of a good book.



Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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