Celebrating National Dog Day

Did you know August 26 is National Dog Day? An entire day celebrating your faithful companion, best friend, and beloved family member. Responsible pet owners are fully aware of the importance a dog brings to a home.  Today is just a reminder to pass along some extra love.

Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day 

  • Go for a Nature Walk: Spend extra time outdoors by going for a nature walk. Go to your local pet-friendly park to enjoy some quality time together.
  • Go Hiking: An active dog would love the extra challenge of a hike. With all the new smells, going to a new location is a great experience for your dog.  
  • Go to the Lake or Beach: Does your dog love the water? Spend an afternoon at your favorite pet-friendly beach or lake. 
  • Go to the Dog Park: Spend time together at your local dog park. Or for an added treat, explore a new dog park in the area. 
  • Host a Dog Party: Spend time with your friends and their dogs by hosting an afternoon dog party. 
  • Make a Homemade Dog Treat: Pinterest is a great resource for finding pet-friendly dog treats and meals. Bake something special for National Dog Day. 
  • Buy a New Toy: Bring home your dog a new toy or chew bone or both. 
  • Purchase New Bedding: Has your dog outgrown his current bed? Purchase a new bed and blanket as part of the dog day celebration. 
  • Purchase New Collar: Does your dog need a new collar? Buy your dog some extra gifts, a new collar, leash, and doggie clothes. 
  • Take Photos: Hire a professional to take photos of you and your dog together. Or spend the day taking selfies of you and dog together. Put the photos in an album or hang on the way to remind you of the day. 
  • Cuddle Time: Give your dog some extra love. Cuddle together on the couch. (Your dog will not care if you’re watching Netflix at the same time.)
  • Adopt: Have you been considering adopting a dog? Make the experience special by adopting a dog or two on National Dog Day. 
  • Volunteer: Are you unable to adopt a dog right now but have some extra time? Consider volunteering at your local shelter or rescue. Numerous organizations need help in many areas including cleaning pens and walking the dogs. 
  • Donate: Is your time limited right now? Consider donating to celebrate National Dog Day. Many shelters, rescues or other dog organizations have wish lists. Donating products off the list helps in many ways. If you do not have time to shop, monetary donations are always welcomed. 



Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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