Tips for Camping With Your Dog

Are you planning a camping trip? Do you plan to take your dog with you? Hitting the open road with your beloved companion is a great way to spend your vacation or weekend getaway.

Tips for Camping With Your Dog

Planning ahead is the best way to have a fun and safe camping trip. Before you head out on your next adventure, consider the following tips for camping with your dog.


Prior to going to a campground or park area, research the location. Knowing the rules and restrictions will help make your vacation fun and relaxing. Simply go online and check out the locations web site for up to date information.


If you plan on going hiking as part of your camping experience, being prepared is the best way to ensure a successful day.

  • Lightweight Packs: Larger dog breeds may carry lightweight packs. The small packs are perfect for smaller items.
  • Collapsible Containers: Water bottles and food dishes that collapse helps save room when hiking.
  • Reflective Collar: Attach flashy lights, bells, LED collar, or use reflective collars to help spot your dog when the sun goes down.


Many pet-friendly establishments welcome your furry companion as long as you have proper documentation. Place your dog’s current records in an envelope for safe keeping. If you do not have the information on hand, copies of licenses and vaccination information may easily be obtained at your vet’s office or county facility.

When picking up the documents, take the time to ask your vet about proper tick and mosquito prevention. Generally, a pill or application is part of routine checkups. Depending on your vacation destination, the preventative measures may help keep your dog happy and healthy.

Pack Supplies

Just like other areas of your vacation planning, your pet should have a checklist of supplies to bring. As a pet owner, you know exactly the types of items your dog needs. Some of the needed supplies may include:

  • Leash: Keeping your pet with you at all times is a must. A secure leash and collar are critical for your dog’s well-being. At a campsite, you may be able to attach a longer leash for a dog run area.
  • Water and Food Containers: Collapsible containers work well for a campsite. Keep water readily available for your pet. When placing dog food outdoors, keeps in mind, wild animals may be close. Removing the food after your dog eats will help keep your area safe.
  • Emergency Pet Kit: Pack an emergency kit for your dog. Purchase one or ask your vet about the items you should bring for emergency situations.
  • Pickup Bags: Keeping camp areas clean is critical. Use pickup bags to clean up after your dog. Dispose of the contents in the proper locations.
  • Bed: Nights in a tent may be cooler. Having a bed or blanket in the tent with you helps keep your pet warm.

 If you have never been camping with your dog, start slowly. Consider taking day trips. Spending an entire day walking, hiking and exploring nature is a valuable experience for you and your dog.  


Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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