Tips for the Perfect Easter Celebration

The Easter holiday is almost here. Are you considering hosting an Easter dinner with family or friends? Take a deep breath and do it. Life is short, celebrate every moment without hesitation. Gathering friends and family around the dinner table is all you need for a joyous occasion.

Tips for a Perfect Easter Holiday

Depending on your individual tastes, an Easter dinner can be formal or casual. Preplanning will help you Easter day celebration go smooth. Consider the following tips to assist you as you plan the perfect Easter celebration.

1. Guest List

Creating a guest list is necessary to help you plan. Due to the short time frame, you may need to make some phone calls or use the Internet to help. If your guests are on Facebook, consider making a private event page to help you plan. The creation of an event allows you to invite your guests, correspond about the meal and other activities.

2. Menu

After confirming the number of guests, planning the menu should be your next step. Menu planning can be extremely elaborate or simple

  • Cater: Local restaurants generally offer catering service for the holidays. Catering allows you to leave all the cooking and baking up to the restaurant. If you decide to cater, call as soon as possible to ensure availability.
  • Cook Yourself: Cooking and baking a large meal is a lot of work. But the personal satisfaction of a job well done is the best reward. Take the time to plan the meal, shop ahead of time to ensure you have all the ingredients, and enjoy the process.
  • Pot Luck Style: Easing some of the cooking demands, ask your friends or family members to bring a dish to pass. A variety of dishes can actually add to the holiday fun.
  • Desserts: If you do not have time for a full course meal, consider a dessert bar. Invite friends and family over later in the evening after they have met their family commitments.

3. Decorations

Decorating your table or home always adds to the holiday cheer. The decorations do not need to be elaborate. Making decorations is a perfect family time experience. Using construction paper, consider making placemats, name cards, or a centerpiece.

If you are doing decorations, your imagination is the limit. Pinterest and other crafting sites show all sorts of Easter decorating ideas. Due to time constraints, purchase decorations or Spring flowers for your centerpiece.

4. Kid Stuff

How many children are going to be at your event? Do you have a plan to keep them busy while you make last minute preparations? Keeping children busy with holiday-related activities, allows you to concentrate on cooking without worry. Children love to create and take items home. Setting up a children’s area or planning outdoor activities is the perfect solution.

  • Host an Easter egg hunt.
  • Easter coloring books and crayons
  • Dye Easter eggs
  • Set up a crafting table with Easter themed supplies
  • Make small Easter baskets to hand out as take-home gifts

Hosting an Easter dinner does not need to be stressful. Planning and asking for help from friends and family will help you have a joyous occasion.

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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