March: Craft Month

Did you know March is Craft Month? Crafting projects come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Basically, crafts are the simple process of making items with your own two hands. Requiring only your imagination to begin, crafting activities is a hobby for all ages to enjoy.

Benefits of Crafts for Children

As adults, you make crafts with a specific outcome in mind. Perhaps you are following a pattern or trying to mimic a creation from the Pinterest site, your crafting process is a unique journey. Keep in mind, for children the process may not produce a specific outcome or recognizable piece. And that is okay. Allow your children the chance to create a one of a kind project. Introducing various crafting materials for your children to use actually has numerous benefits.

  • Improves eye/hand coordination
  • Increases fine motor skills
  • Expands communication skills
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Expands the imagination
  • Increases valuable family time

Two Easy Ways to Introduce Crafts to Your Children

Introducing crafting activities to your children or even yourself is simple. Materials and time are your two key components for craft projects.

1. Craft Box

Creating a craft box or basket is a wonderful way to store materials. Crafting materials do not need to be expensive. Check out your local dollar store, hobby shop, and recycle some materials around the house. If you are uncertain about how to start your craft box, many stores offer buckets or jars of materials ready to go.

Materials may include:

  • Glue
  • Glitter, sequins, beads
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes, sponges and other instruments for paint applications
  • Crayons, markers, pencils
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Yarn
  • Pompons
  • Construction paper or drawing paper
  • Child scissors
  • Paper punch
  • Paper towel tubes
  • Rocks
  • Googly eyes
  • Dried beans, macaroni, or other kinds of pasta
  • Modeling clay

2. Making Time

After you get all your materials in place, next is making time for your crafts.

  • Raining or snowy days are great for craft days.
  • Host a craft night for the entire family to enjoy.
  • Invite friends over for a crafting party.
  • Create holiday crafts to decorate your home (St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, and Easter is just around the corner).

Having fun is the most important part of crafting. Enjoy the process of making something new. Ask your child to share the details of the final crating product. Often a story about a craft is a great memory making moment.

Happy Crafting!

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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