National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Did you know February 26 is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day? The pandemic, social distancing, school, work, daily routines, and other commitments can easily fill your schedule.  Try taking time out to celebrate unofficial holidays. Celebrating National Tell a Fairy Tale Day is a great way to try something new and simply have fun. Fairy tales have a long-standing place in history.

Think back; what was your favorite fairy tale from childhood? Some family favorites may include:

Do you remember the excitement of learning the story? Now there’s an entire day dedicated to the love of a fairy tale.

How to Celebrate National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Traditionally, a fairy tale is a mythical or fantasy-based short story. The characters may include a prince, a princess, fairies, gnomes, or talking animals. The setting usually contains a castle or magical forest. The limitation of the storyline is only your own imagination. So, embrace the day by celebrating fairy tales.

1. Go to Your Local Library

If open, visit your library on Tell a Fairy Tale Day. The trip provides you and your loved ones with the opportunity to find the perfect story. Consider finding a new fairy tale to read. Or check out an old favorite to enjoy once again.

2.Read to Your Children

 Read your favorite tale to your children. Children love to hear new stories.  Spending quality time with your children is also a rewarding experience. Ask open-ended questions about the tale to ensure understanding. The process will actually help your children’s communication skills.

3. Go to the Bookstore

 Purchasing a new book of fairy tales is a great way to find a new story. Bookstores often carry stories from different cultures or countries.

4. Write Your Own Fairy Tale

Pick up your pen and write your own tale. If you have children, encourage them to write a fairy tale. The creative process enhances critical thinking, social, and communication skills. Ask younger children to verbally express their fairy tales. Writing down their thoughts in a notebook may turn into a lasting memory.

5. Arts and Craft Time 

After reading or sharing a story, use the fairy tale storyline as the basis of your art and crafts project.

  • Draw pictures with chalk, colored pencils, crayons, or markers
  • Paint a picture
  • Make a collage with magazine cutouts or other material.
  • Create a storyboard or storybook of your fairy tale.
  • Decorate a plastic container to use later to plant magic beans. The decorated pot will easily complement the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. 

6. Create a Puppet Show

Creating a puppet show can be a creative and rewarding process. A large box may be part of the stage or backdrop for your fairy tale. Make hand puppets or finger puppets to act out a fairy tale. If your children are hosting the show, record the event.

7. Bake or Cook a Special Treat

Decorate cookies to match your fairy tale. Or cook a special meal to incorporate a theme from your favorite fairy tale. For example, adding peas to your meal can be part of the Princess and the Pea fairy tale.

8. Host a Family Fun Movie Night

Disney movies are a wonderful resource for fairy tales. Make popcorn or other special snack and enjoy your movie night.

Regardless of the way you celebrate, take time to enjoy National Tell a Fairy Tale Day. Life is short; make memories. Use your imagination, enjoy the day.


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Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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