National Watermelon Day: Picking Out the Best One

Today, August 3, is National Watermelon Day. Eating fresh, ripe watermelon is the best way to celebrate the day. Gather your friends and family together. Host an impromptu BBQ and serve a watermelon as part of the menu. 

Do you see people at the supermarket thumping the side of the watermelon? Do you wonder what they are trying to find? Don’t worry. Picking out a watermelon does not need to be a mystery.

Check List for Finding the Perfect Watermelon 

Most supermarkets display watermelons in large, cardboard bins. As an informed consumer, finding the best watermelon may require searching through the bin.

  • Check for the Right Shape: Look for a watermelon with a uniform shape. Most watermelons are round or oval. Checking the shape for smooth appearance ensures the watermelon grew properly.
  • Check for the Proper Weight:  A ripe watermelon feels heavy. Even a smaller watermelon will feel heavy. When picking out your watermelon, compare the weights. Check watermelons of similar size, pick the heavier one out of the bunch.
  • Check for the Yellow Spot: When a watermelon rests on the ground in the summer sun, a creamy yellow spot will develop. Generally, the larger yellow spot means a riper watermelon.  If the spot looks white, the watermelon was picked too soon.
  • Check for the Right Sound:  Tap the side of the watermelon. The thumping technique should produce a full sound. watermelon is a must.

Picking a ripe watermelon may require lots of practice. But don’t worry; watermelon is always a tasty treat. Checking for the different signs for a ripe watermelon helps in finding the perfect one every time. 

Watermelons go from the field to the shipping bin. before cutting the watermelon,  wash the outside layer. If you slice through the thick outer layer of unwashed watermelon, you risk pushing germs or other pollutants into the interior fruit.

Enjoy your tasty watermelon.


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