5 Last-Minute Easter Activities

Easter is here. Are you ready? Did the holiday just sneak up on you this year? Well, do not worry there is still plenty of time to do last-minute activities for your entire family to enjoy. Check out the following list for inspiration.

1. Attend Church Services

Regardless of your religious background, attend a local church service. Many churches hold special services on Easter Sunday. The church may have special readings, singing, plays, and children’s events. Just remember to check the church’s website or Facebook page before going. The church may have social distancing and other restrictions in place.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, numerous churches are holding virtual services if you do not want to attend church. Attend a church service right in your home, you can even watch while eating breakfast.

2. Color Easter Eggs

Yes, you can buy a kit. Or you can use food coloring from your baking supplies. Dyeing Easter eggs is a great activity. Mix different colors, make patterns or add designs. Coloring eggs is a long-standing Easter tradition.

3. Easter Egg Hunt or Scavenger Hunt

Whether you use your dyed eggs or hide plastic ones, an Easter egg hunt is fun for everyone. Now to make the hunt more interesting for older children, turn the activity into a scavenger hunt. Provide clues to your hidden eggs or Easter baskets.

4. Easter Meal

Find a way to make your meal special for Easter.

  • Sit together at the table. Bring out your good dishes, add candles, make an Easter centerpiece, or add flowers. Remember to turn off your devices.
  • Add a special dessert.
  • Bake the meal together as a family.
  • BBQ outdoors.
  • Order in from a nearby restaurant.
  • Have a picnic.

Just enjoy your time together as a family.

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay 

5. Family Night

Turn your Easter into family night. Eat leftovers or order pizza.

  • Watch movies together. It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (1974) is always a great family show to watch.
  • Play video games.
  • Play board games.
  • Have a bonfire.

Easter Drawing Prompts

Easter is the perfect time to get creative. Drawing is one of the simplest ways to bring out your inner artist. In fact, with a few inexpensive tools, drawing is a great activity for the entire family to enjoy.

Image by stokpic from Pixabay 

Yes, using crayons on paper is a wonderful way to create an original Easter masterpiece. But do not limit your creativity. Draw on other materials including construction paper, sandpaper, poster board, and boiled eggs. A hard boil egg is the perfect canvas for your Easter creation.

Now, what to draw? Consider the following drawing prompts for Easter.

1. Cross

2. Tomb

3. Easter Bunny

4. Easter Eggs (Drawing different patterns, use multi-colors, or add names)

5. Flowers

6. Baby Chickens

7. Lamb

8. Jellybeans

9. Easter Candy

10. Easter Sunrise

50 Summer Photo Ideas Checklist

School’s out, summer is in full swing, time to make some lasting memories. Go outdoors, enjoy the summer sun, explore, and discover the world around you. As you are heading out, grab your camera or use your phone to capture life’s simplest pleasures.

Take a moment to snap a picture of your family or friends. Set up poses and have fun. Silly photos make great scrapbook additions.

50 Photo Ideas for Memorable Summer 

Do you need some inspiration on when to take a photo? Consider the following checklist.

  1. Having a picnic
  2. Eating a Sno Cone
  3. On a nature trail
  4. Holding sparklers (safely)
  5. At a petting zoon
  6. In front of the library
  7. Laying in a hammock
  8. Standing in the water at the lake
  9. Eating ice cream
  10. In front of a flower garden
  11. Wearing silly sunglasses (check out your local dollar store)
  12. On a boat
  13. In a strawberry patch
  14. Building a sandcastle
  15. Playing in the sprinkler
  16. At a parade
  17. At a farmer’s market
  18. Laying in the sand
  19. Wearing red, white, and blue for the 4th of July (Do not hesitate to go overboard)
  20. In front of a historical landmark
  21. On swing sets
  22. At a splash park (pose under the falling water)
  23. Eating watermelon
  24. Sitting around a bonfire
  25. Eating S’mores
  26. On a slide at the park
  27. In a tent
  28. Posing on a park bench
  29. Wearing beach attire
  30. Holding hands at sunset
  31. Drinking summer slushies
  32. At an art museum
  33. On family movie night
  34. Relaxing under a big shade tree
  35. Listening to music at a local concert in the park
  36. Swimming a pool (use beach balls, floaties, or other pool-related items as props)
  37. Making/showing off summer bracelets
  38. Standing on rocks
  39. At an amusement park
  40. Floating on inner tubes
  41. Inside a blanket fort on a rainy day
  42. At a BBQ
  43. Painting and hiding rocks around town
  44. Lounging in lawn chairs
  45. Laying on matching or themed beach towels
  46. Drinking lemonade
  47. Playing beach volleyball
  48. In the middle of your sidewalk chalk art creation
  49. Putt putt golfing
  50. A group selfie (do this one multiple times throughout the summer months)

Just remember, when you are out having fun, follow all rules for public areas. Safety should always be your first priority.

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