May: National Pet Month

Did you know the entire month of  May is National Pet Month in the United States? Every day, pets bring joy to millions of households. Your pet is part of your family. Are you wondering how you should celebrate your favorite four-legged friend? Check out the following ideas for inspiration.

Pamper Your Pet

Do you currently own a pet or three? National Pet Month is the perfect time to pay extra attention to your dog, cat, turtle, bird, or other creature.

My two dogs out for a walk.
  • Go for Longer Walks: With social distancing, getting out with your dog is essential for both of you. Go for walks, take a different route, or spend extra time outdoors.
  • New Treats: When you are looking at the treat section, try something new. Your pet may appreciate a change. New dog bones, kitty treats, or special bird treats are excellent for pampering your pet. Or, if you are self-isolating, consider making a homemade treat for your pet.
  • New Apparel: Do you dress up your dog? Buy your favorite pup a new outfit for spring.
  • Collars: When was the last time you bought your pet a new collar? Celebrate National Pet Month by buying new collars.
  • Bedding: Invest in a new pet bed to give your dog or cat a new area to sleep.


Right now is the perfect time to add a new pet to your family. With the stay at home guidelines, you can spend the extra time caring for a new pet. Consider contacting your local shelter or dog rescue to find the best match for your household. Remember when adopting a pet, research the breed. Knowing about specific animal behavior before adopting can help to determine if the pet is right for you.


If you or your family are not ready to fully commit but would like to know how a cat or dog would fit into your family’s lifestyle, consider fostering. Numerous pet rescues and shelters place all types of animals into foster homes until they can be adopted. Fostering provides first-hand knowledge of pet ownership without a long-term commitment. When the time ends, most agencies allow foster families first pick on keeping the pet forever.


All shelters or dog rescues use donations. Of course, they will take monetary donations. But, most have a want list posted on their social media pages. If you want a hassle-free experience, consider taking advantage of the free shipping options. Allow the retailer to ship the item right to the rescue.

Social Media Share

Sharing posts on social media is a great way to help without the cost or responsibility of ownership. When you are on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, follow your local animal shelter or pet rescue. Every time a post appears of animals needing a home, share the information with your followers. A simple share may lead to an animal rescue among your friends or acquaintances.

Even small gestures can make National Pet Month a celebration. Enjoy your pet, adopt, or help a rescue.

Celebrating World Cat Day

Today, August 8th is World Cat Day or International Cat Day. In either case, the day is all about celebrating cats. whether you have one or eight, cats add their own unique presence to your home.

Named after Hermoine’s cat in the Harry Potter series, Crookshanks is one of my six cats.

Creating mischief and joy, cats have been around for centuries. Cats are curious creatures by nature.

Did you notice Mr. Buttons has blue paws? I thought my project was dry. Apparently not in the middle, I had blue cat tracks all over my kitchen. Don’t worry, I only use non-toxic paint. When the vet stopped laughing, he said my cat would be fine.

Celebrating World Cat Day is a perfect way to pay extra attention to your furry companion.

Ideas for Celebrating The Day With Your Cat

  • Build a catio to allow your cat to safely enjoy the outdoors.
  • Buy a cat tree or cat condo
  • Buy a new scratching post.
  • Get a new comfy cat bed.
  • Make cat toys
  • Make homemade cat treats.
  • Purchase special treats.
  • Brush and groom your cat.

Adopt a Cat

Adopting a cat is another way to celebrate World Cat Day. Many shelters and rescues are at capacity. Adopting a kitten, adult cat, or a senior cat makes room for others. If you already have one cat, consider bringing home a second one for added companionship.


Caring for a cat or any other pet is a responsibility. If you do not have the time or space for a cat, consider donating to a shelter or rescue. Numerous rescue organizations will post needed items on their websites. Bleach, cat litter, food, and other cat-related products are generally top wanted items. Along with cat care products, rescues accept monetary donations.