Family-Friendly Fall Activities: Scavenger Hunt

Fall is a wonderful time to go hiking. The cooler weather and changing leaves provide the perfect nature setting. Are you trying to get your young children to enjoy the outdoors too? Try an autumn-themed scavenger hunt.

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The simple idea of finding items in nature can inspire young children to love the outdoors. The excitement of checking off finds allows children to interact on the trails. Do you need inspiration for your scavenger hunt list?

Photo by Craige McGonigle on
  1. Red leaf
  2. Squirrel
  3. Wildflower
  4. Acorn
  5. Yellow leaf
  6. Insect
  7. Brown leaf
  8. Spider web
  9. Orange leaf
  10. Mushroom
  11. Smooth rock
  12. Animal tracks
  13. Pinecones
  14. Dried pine needles
  15. Green leaf
  16. Small sized bird (Sparrows)
  17. Large sized birds (Egrets, Cranes, Eagles)
  18. Feather
  19. Bark
  20. Leaf in Water
  21. Bird’s nest
  22. Woodpecker holes
  23. Frog
  24. Bumpy rock
  25. Something you like
  26. A cloud shaped like an animal
  27. Empty snail shell
  28. Beehive
  29. Seed Pod
  30. Tree stump
  31. Bunny
  32. Moss on a rock
  33. Rocks in water
  34. Snake
  35. Mud puddle

Of course, you will have to make your list to match nature items in your location. Have fun! Happy searching!

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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