How to Add Fall Décor to Your Home Without Breaking Your Budget

The fall season is here! Are you wondering how to decorate your home without a large expense? Using a little creativity, you can easily add fall décor to your home without breaking your budget.

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas

Dollar stores, discount superstores, or thrift shops are great resources for finding inexpensive items to decorate your home.

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  1. Throw Pillows & Fuzzy Blankets: Place fall-themed throw pillows on your sofa or chair. A comfy fall colored fuzzy blanket is decorative and functional. Pick one with fall colors, maroon, orange, or red.
  2. Candles: Not only do candles make great decorations, but they also smell good too. The scent of apples, burning leaves, pumpkin, or pine brings the fall season indoors.
  3. Crafts: A fall wreath, mason jar décor, or leaf garland with fairy lights are a perfect addition to your fall theme. Pinterest has great ideas for fall crafts on a budget.
  4. Art: Buy inexpensive canvas from the dollar store and create your own art. Use reds, orange, brown, and all the other colors of fall in your artwork.
  5. Flowers: When you are at the farmer’s market, buy a bouquet of fresh flowers to display. Or pick up artificial flowers and a basket from your local dollar store to create a fall-themed center piece. Deep orange sunflowers are a great basic fall flower to start your basket.  
  6. Bring Nature In: Collect pinecones or acorns to place in a dish for display. Even dead flowers or thistles can easily turn into a center piece display. If you want to add color to your finds, use craft paints.
  7. Cinnamon Broom or Pinecones: During the fall season, cinnamon brooms or pinecones are available for purchase. Hanging a broom or displaying pinecones in a jar are a great fall accent. Plus, the cinnamon makes your entire home smell wonderful.
  8. Pumpkins & Gourds: What is fall without pumpkins and gourds? Whether you buy artificial or home grown from your local farmer, pumpkins and gourds are picture-perfect accents to your home.
  9. Dishtowels & Mugs: Fall themed dishtowels and mugs are easy to display in your kitchen. The best part is the low cost of these items.
  10. Porch Displays: Add straw bales, cornstalks, pumpkins, or mums to your front porch. Purchase or make a scarecrow to sit on top of the straw for added fun. When decorating your porch, do not forget your windows. Artificial leaves hanging in the window are a simple concept.

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. Enjoy decorating your home or living space. Even young children can help decorate for fall.

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