Photo Prompt Ideas for April

After a long winter, April generally brings warmer weather. Unfortunately, with the changing temperatures, rain is often in the forecast. Just remember the old saying, April showers bring May flowers.

  1. Selfie (Always begin each new month with a selfie. For added fun, do something foolish. After all, it is April Fool’s Day).
  2. Peanut butter and jelly
  3. Sunrise/Sunset
  4. Flowers
  5. Breakfast
  6. Noon
  7. Pink
  8. Umbrella
  9. Favorite food
  10. Trees
  11. View from far away
  12. View from up close
  13. Memory
  14. Relaxing
  15. Monday inspiration
  16. Favorite beverage
  17. Easter decorations
  18. Easter bunny
  19. Your view on Good Friday
  20. Easter eggs
  21. Easter fun
  22. Earth Day inspiration
  23. Black and white
  24. Action
  25. Texture
  26. Friday fun
  27. Nature
  28. Landscape/waterscape
  29. Siloutte
  30. Looking forward to May

30 days are in the month of April. Each day is a chance to tap into your creative side. Use the photo prompts to explore the world around you.


Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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