Tips for Throwing a Last Minute Halloween Party for Kids

Are you considering hosting a Halloween party for your kids? Do you fear you do not have enough time to plan one? Kids like dressing up and being with friends on Halloween. A last-minute Halloween party for kids is simple with a little planning. Grab your favorite pen to begin making a list.


Mailing invites at this time may not be the best option. Thankfully, advanced technology provides alternatives for last minute Halloween party invites.

  • Call: A quick phone call explaining the last minute idea is a great way to include everyone on your list.
  • Text: Send out a text with all the details of the party.
  • Email: Sending invites via email results in instant deliver.
  • Social Media: Millions of people log into social media accounts every day. Facebook provides the option of creating event pages which are perfect for last minute invites. Or take advantage of the group option. Forming a group for an event is perfect for communicating with other parents. Providing security, users may set the privacy setting to closed or secret.


Create a food and beverage list. The list does not need to be extensive. Cake and ice cream are always two favorites among children.

  • Create a Sundae Bar: Set out bowls of different flavor ice creams or sherbet (for children who cannot have milk products). With adult supervision, allow children to add toppings including candy pumpkins, gummy worms, marshmallow ghosts, chocolate or caramel toppings.
  • Chips: Provide different varieties including plain, BBQ or cheddar.
  • Popcorn: Set out small bags of popcorn mixed with candy corn, pumpkins, or chocolate pieces.

If you set up a Facebook group, post a comment asking parents about food allergies. Provide alternatives to the main choices.

Many parents will ask to bring a snack or other type of party treat. When you keep all the information in one place, you will be able to keep track of the types of snacks or treats being brought to the Halloween party.


Do not spend a large portion of your Halloween party budget on decorations.

  • Local Dollar Stores: Dollar stores are a great place to find decorations for lower costs. Make the Halloween party more festive by adding cobwebs, hanging bats, skeletons, witches and pumpkins.
  • Thrift Stores: Many people donate unused Halloween items to local thrift stores. Helping you save money, the slightly used decorations come at a reduced price.
  • Make Your Own: Creating your own Halloween decorations is perfect for family fun. Consider the endless possibilities including stuffing old clothing for a scarecrow, ghosts from white sheets, use poster board for signs, and more.


Offering a variety of activities or games is a great way to keep children engaged at your Halloween party.

  • Games: Finding the perfect Halloween themed games will depend on the ages of the children. Examples include creating a scavenger hunt, Halloween bingo, Pumpkin piñata, Lollipop ghost hunt, and more.
  • Craft Table: Setting up a Halloween craft table provides children the opportunity to make individual items to take home. For example, pumpkins, pumpkin-shaped gourds or Styrofoam pumpkins are ideal for decorating with googly eyes, yarn, sequins, glitter, buttons, markers or paint.
  • Trick-or-Treating: If your party falls on Halloween, take a walk around the block to participate in trick-or-treating at nearby homes.
  • Haunted Houses: If you have older children, visiting the local haunted house provides scares and memories.


In the years to come, photos will provide you with the opportunity to remember the past.

  • Party Photos: Ask someone to take photos throughout the party.
  • Photo Backdrop and Props: Design an area just for fun photos. Encourage selfies. Add a box of props to help encourage imagination.
  • Group Photo: Prior to the kids (and adults) leaving take a group photo.

If you created a Facebook group, sharing the photos with guests is simple. For extra fun, after the Halloween party, provide each child with a printed group photo.

Throwing a Halloween party is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. Simple gatherings will create lasting memories for your family and the rest of the party guests. As the children start to head home, hand them a loot bag filled with Halloween surprises.

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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