Preparing Your Chicken Coop for Winter

The winter season is just around the corner. Preparing your coop for the winter months is essential for the well-being of your chickens. A poorly maintained coop causes health issues for your chickens.  Consider the following tips to keep your chickens safe, happy, and healthy.

Tips for Winterizing Your Chicken Coop

During the winter months, keeping your chicken coop dry should be your primary focus. A wet, poorly maintained coop may lead to health issues or death of your chickens.

A Fresh Coop

Before the colder weather starts, clean your entire chicken coop. A thorough cleaning shows any potential problem areas inside the coop. After the cleaning, analyze your coop’s current condition.

Fix Any Potential Problem Areas

When inspecting your chicken coop, did you notice any holes or other issues? Fix holes immediately. Immediately caulk and seal any areas creating drafts. Patch all holes to prevent unwanted predators from entering your chicken coop. Even the smallest hole can create numerous problems for your chickens.


Install windows in your chicken coop. The windows allow the sun to shine into your coop. The added warmth from the sun helps keep the interior of the coop comfortable for your chickens.

Provide Sufficient Bedding/Nesting Material

During the winter months, add extra bedding and nesting materials to keep your chickens warm. Chickens will huddle together for heat.

Try other methods to insulate the interior of your chicken coop.

  • Add extra layers of straw on the floor help insulate the interior of your chicken coop.
  • Add 6 inches of litter to the coop’s floor for added warmth.
  • Stack strawbales around the coop for added protection.

Make Plans for Food and Water

When temperatures drop, water freezes quickly. Food has the potential to draw unwanted moisture creating ice build-up. Without sufficient water or food, your chickens will not survive the winter. Heated watering containers and extra feeding times are a necessity.

Increase Check Times

Check on your chickens more often in the winter. Going out to the coop a couple extra times a day ensures your chickens are well. Collect eggs immediately to prevent freezing. By increasing check times, the chances for problems decrease.

Chickens and other fowl are a fun addition to farm life. Preparing your coop for the winter helps decrease the possibility of any problems. Plan ahead to help get your chickens through the cold months.



Daily Check List for Chicken Care

Raising chickens is a rewarding and fun experience. Not to mention you get eggs as an extra bonus. Daily chicken care is not difficult. Working in a daily routine is essential to keep your chickens safe, healthy, and happy.

Daily Chicken Care Checklist

After you build your coop and get your chickens, daily care is the next step. Consider checking on your chickens multiple times every day.

Check for Clean Water

Check water containers throughout the day. Clean water is essential for your chickens’ well-being. Keep water containers clean and free from algae buildup. Water containers may turn slimy. Rinsing out the containers regularly is important.

Clean any straw or other bedding materials away from the water container. Straw can easily prevent water from properly flowing into the container.

Check the Food Supply

In addition to water, checking the food is critical for your chickens. The amount of food depends on the size of your feed containers. Fill the containers to allow your chickens to eat freely throughout the day. Or, feed your chickens a set amount each day.

Check for Eggs

Collect eggs immediately for freshness. Make regular trips to your coop. Wash and place your chicken eggs into the refrigerator as soon as possible.

Check Your Chickens

When you are out in the coop or pen area, check your chickens overall appearance. Do they look healthy? Are they showing signs of stress? Do any of them have injuries? Observing your chickens helps prevent health issues.

Do not be afraid to check on your chickens multiple times each day Checking on your chickens ensures their overall health and well-being.

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