10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

The long 4th of July weekend is a great time to watch fireworks. From your own backyard to grand-scale community events, fireworks are a major part of the 4th of July celebration. The booms, bangs, and whistles are part of the night’s festivities. Unfortunately, the loud noises cause anxiety in many pets (and humans too). Does your dog get upset when the vibrant colors light up the sky?

The loud continuous booming noises are frightening for some dogs (and cats). Dogs may bark, try to hide, or get sick over the unfamiliar sounds Taking steps before the start of the fireworks may help ease your pets’ nerves.

Photo by Charles Roth on Pexels.com

How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

Being prepared is the best way to help your dog through the firework celebrations.

  1. Research: Check your community’s page on social media or website to learn about the time and dates of the fireworks in your area. Keep in mind, that some communities host fireworks for more than one night.
  2. Ask Your Neighbors: Send your neighbors a quick text or call to find out if they are doing any fireworks this year. Often people host BBQs with added fireworks in the evening. The smaller fireworks often make a whistling or popping noises. The sounds may be just as scary for your dog as the larger booming firework displays.
  3. Consult A Professional: If you know the negative effects fireworks have on your dog, voice your concerns with your pet’s veterinarian. Under some circumstances, your vet may prescribe a light sedative to help your dog get through the 4th of July festivities. The sedative relaxes your dog. When prescribing any type of medication, staying with your dog is essential.
  4. Spend the Night at Home: The 4th of July weekend is a time for numerous activities, gatherings, and celebrations. If your pet gets scared over fireworks, stay home. Do not take your dog to watch the fireworks. Instead, plan to spend the night at home with your favorite furry companion. Your pet will be more comfortable with you at home.
  5. Close Windows and Doggy Doors: If your dog is scared, he or she may attempt to run. Keep all the windows closed and secure the doggy door until after the fireworks show is over.
  6. Go to an Inner Room: Depending on the layout of your home, go to a room where the fireworks sound mute.
  7. Turn Up Familiar Noises: Play your favorite music or binge-watch a television series. Turn the volume up to cover the outdoor noises. Turn on fans to help mute the noises from the fireworks. Familiar noises provide comfort to your pet.
  8. Be Sympathetic: Give your dog extra attention. Constantly reassure your dog that everything is good. Your dog will love all the extra hugs, petting, and cuddling.
  9. Take an Early Walk: Before the fireworks begin, spend extra time outdoors. Go for a long walk or stay longer at the dog park. If your dog is tired, he or she may sleep during the noises.
  10. Go for a Drive: Does your dog like car rides? Go for a long drive. Avoid the fireworks altogether.

Be considerate to your pet’s well-being. Fireworks are loud and scary for many animals. Helping your dog or other pets get through the night is your main priority.

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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