September Photo Prompts

September brings Labor Day weekend, the start of fall, and cooler weather. Get outdoors! Enjoy the month before the snow sets in and holidays take over your schedule. Are you looking for photo inspiration?

30 Photo Prompts for September

  1. Self-Portrait
  2. Clouds
  3. Black & White
  4. Distance
  5. Water
  6. Happy Labor Day!
  7. Macro (Close-Up)
  8. Vintage
  9. Cityscape or Landscape
  10. Home
  11. Food
  12. A drink
  13. Orange
  14. Sunrise/Sunset
  15. Tourist Location
  16. Architecture
  17. Animal
  18. Nature
  19. Something Tiny
  20. Bokeh
  21. Framed
  22. First Day of Fall!
  23. Trees
  24. Leaves
  25. Fall Vibes
  26. 3-of-a-Kind
  27. Noon
  28. Dusk
  29. Patterns
  30. Photographer’s Choice

Enjoy the month!

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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