Art Ideas: Painting

Are you looking for art ideas to keep your children busy? Finding different projects are a perfect way to keep your children busy during rainy days, social distancing, and self-isolation. Art is an endless activity. One of the most accessible art projects to implement is painting. With a little creative twist, different painting activities can keep the boredom away.


Painting goes beyond simply applying paint with a brush on canvas or paper. Check out these other ideas for painting.

  • Texture Paint: Adding sand or sawdust to small amounts of paint creates texture paint. The difference in textures is a great learning tool for implementing a unique art medium.
  • Finger Paint: Use your fingers to create art. Finger painting is a fun way to create pictures. Finger paint on newspaper, magazines, canvas, poster board, or paper. Each provides different results.
  • Sponge Painting: Cut a sponge or two up into multiple size pieces or shapes. Dip the sponge in the paint to create different results.
  • String Painting: Dip string or yarn into the paint, place on paper, fold the paper in tow, then pull the string through the folded paper. The results are different every time.
  • Diluted Paint Art: Color a picture with crayons. Press hard with the crayons to apply a thick layer. Then, dilute your desired paint color with a little water and paint your entire picture. Another variation of diluted painting starts with a piece of black construction paper. Use light-colored crayons to create an image. Then, dilute white paint to finalize the project.
  • Marble Painting: Place a piece of paper on a tray or cookie sheet with sides. Dip your marbles in the desired colored paint. Place a marble on paper, gently lift the sides of the try from side to side. Your marble will create tracks with paint. Using more marbles with various colors creates a wide range of results.
  • Pot Scrubby Painting: A pot scrubby is generally a wire mesh used to wash pots and pans. The pot scrubby can come with a wooden handle, but most are just a bunch of wire. Dip the pot scrubby in paint and apply it to paper. The results will vary depending on the thickness of your scrubby.
  • Cloth Painting: Remnants from your favorite craft outlet work great for this project or a plain old t-shirt. Cut your desired amount of cloth for the project. Secure the piece of fabric with an embroidery hoop or tape to a flat surface. Next, paint a picture on the fabric. Remember, cloth paintings usually take longer to dry.
  • Nature Art: When out for a walk, collect rocks, sticks, leaves, or acorns. If you do not live near a wooded area, you can purchase rocks at your local dollar store. Next, paint on the items from your nature walk.

Painting is a fun way to pass the time. Indulging in art expands the imagination, vocabulary, fine motor, and social skills. Now the tough question, what project are you going to do first?

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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