Sea Serpent Day

Did you know today, August 7th is Sea Serpent Day? A sea serpent or sea dragon is a fascinating mythological creature. The mention of sea serpents brings up images of legends of the deep seas. Did sea serpents really exist? Who knows, stories passed down from one generation to the next had to originate from somewhere.

Ways to Celebrate Sea Serpent Day

Whether the sea serpents existed or not, celebrating the mythological creatures can be a fun activity for you and family.

Movie Night

The sea holds numerous mysteries. Movies use the unknown to entice the watcher. From Scooby-Doo and the Sea Monsters to It Came From Beneath the Sea, sea creatures movies are a captivating genre to watch.

Sea Themed Food

Yes, you can create an entire dinner based on foods from the sea. Or you can make simple snacks to go along with your movie night. For example, the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers are an ideal treat for sea-themed movie night. Serving pretzels can easily represent driftwood and green licorice turns into seaweed bunches. Blue Hawaiian Punch (Polar Blast) is the perfect glass of seawater.

Go to the Library

Go to your local library or book store to find books about sea serpents. The myths and legends are perfect reading material.

Go to the Beach

Even if you are nowhere near the open sea, going to the beach is a great way to celebrate Sea Serpent Day. Look for shells, sea glass, and other goodies. Remember to follow all the rules of public places.

Make Crafts

Have a craft day or afternoon. Use different materials to create sea serpents and their habitant.

  • Create a sea serpent out of clay, dry, and paint.
  • Make paper mache sea serpent
  • Draw or paint a sea serpent
  • Use construction paper, googly eyes, and other materials to create a sea serpent

Creating art with a sea serpent theme has endless possibilities.

Tell a Tale

Write a story about a sea serpent. If you have younger children, ask them to tell a story to you. Writing down their imaginary world with a sea serpent creates a lasting treasure.

From a simple Internet search to writing a story, celebrating sea serpent day can be a memorable activity for all to enjoy.

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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