6 Ways to Celebrate Family History Month

Time to celebrate your family roots, October is Family History Month. The month is perfect for exploring your family’s personal history. As a new researcher or an avid family historian, focusing on your family history may result in a fun surprise.

Ways to Celebrate Family History Month

Consider the following ideas to help you celebrate Family History Month. The activities may bring knowledge and a fun-filled afternoon.

1. Create a Family Tree

Creating a family tree is a perfect way to celebrate Family History Month. Branching out over many generations, a family tree shows the uniqueness of your origin. As you begin your tree, the option for saving the material depends on you. Websites and computer programs are popular choices. But, you can also go “old school”. Using poster boards, markers, highlighters, labels, and a little creativity, personalizes the family tree.

2. Visit Relatives

Older relatives often have first-hand experience to the family history. Grab a notebook or recording device. Spend an afternoon discussing your family’s roots. The information may surprise you. As an added bonus, you get to enjoy your grandparents, great aunts or other older relatives’ time.

3. Go Social

If you are a user a Facebook, create a group for your research. Invite family members to share stories or research information. A group effort may bring larger amounts of data to help in creating the family tree. Keeping your family history private, Facebook settings allow groups to be closed or secret. As a moderator, you will be able to pick who can and cannot be part of your group.

4. Research Your Geographical Area of Origin

When you begin putting your family history together, research the areas. Use the Internet to discover local culture, town history, and even the weather. The information provides a general overview of daily life. If you are able, visit the location. Take photos of landmarks, cemetery sites, old buildings, or other related scenery.

5. Celebrate the Culture

Learning the different countries or areas of your family origin is a chance to celebrate the culture.

  • Fairs and Festival: Many communities celebrate early settlers by sponsoring large fairs or festivals. Take the time to attend. Most community events are free or charge minimal costs which are perfect for a family adventure.
  • Try a New Recipe: A simple way to celebrate your culture is food. Go online to research different food from your country of origin. Try a new recipe. Or if you are not an expert in the kitchen, find a restaurant that serves your country’s cuisine.
  • Join a Group: Local genealogical societies or other community groups often sponsor field trips, workshops, or conferences. Offering a wide range of subject manner, you may be able to learn about early settlers, culture, and other historical dates.

6. Your History

When most people think of family history, past generations is generally the first thought. Family history is your personal story too.

  • Family Scrapbook: Create a scrapbook about you and your family. Include photos of your first date, wedding, baby pictures, and other memories. The scrapbook may eventually become a family treasure.
  • Family Journal: Spiral notebooks, Composition books, or a leather-bound journal are a great way to preserve your family’s history. Take time to write in the journal. Plan writing sessions for once a day or week. Filling up the pages of small daily activities may be a great reminder of days gone past.
  • Video Blog: If you are tech-savvy, create video blogs of your family’s daily routines or special occasions.

Families come in all varieties from every corner of the globe. Celebrating Family History Month is a great way to learn about your own roots. Take time to celebrate life’s little moments. In the future, the little moments may be a treasured memory.

Author: Rebecca C.

I am just a person who loves to photograph and write about the world around me.

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